Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Where Is Kelvin?

We've seen this moonscape area where Desmond bangs
Kelvin's head into the rocks three times. But we've
never seen what happened to Kelvin's body. It doesn't
appear in Exodus Part 1 on the way to the Black

Not in Exodus Pt. 2 when Charlie and Sayid are headed
towards the black smoke.

Nor does it appear in The Other 48 Days on the
way back to the beach camp.

All right conspiracy theorists, is Kelvin really dead?


pgtbeauregard said...

It's possible that Ben was watching the hatch, and saw Kelvin didn't come back, went to investigate and brought him back to camp othersville.

Didn't Kelvin refer to "the hostiles" when he was talking to Desmond? I wonder if he meant Ben's group?

capcom said...

Well I have always wondered if Kelvin was really dead or just knocked out. I also hoped that after Desmond was able to leave the Swan after the Losties got there, that he would go back to bury him if he was dead, before he took off in his boat. Or at least to check if he was dead.

memphish said...

Kelvin tells us he buried Radzinsky, but only had 108 minutes to do so. I don't think Desmond ever went back out because surely he'd seen smoke from the beach signal fires post-crash. Ben's people haven't been interested in providing proper body care since the purge as witnessed by Roger's treatment. And it didn't look as if any body in the pit was as fresh as Kelvin's would have been. Maybe Smokey moved him though he's not in the Dark Territory. I like the idea that he's lurking around the Island somewhere.

memphish said...

But if he was alive, he'd have taken Desmond's boat though. Dang. I guess he's dead. Maybe someone took him back through the looking glass or the magic box when they brought Cooper in.

Paula Abdul Alhazred said...

I am pretty sure he's not dead. The writers have notably never confirmed his death. They always say something like, "Well, he certainly appeared dead." I'd expect to see him again sometime before the show is over.

cool_freeze said...

Desmond will say "You're supposed to be dead, Brotha."

and Kelvin will say "Well, it doesn't like the dead always stay dead on this island now does it Des?"


I find that that should come to be a SHOCKER in an upcoming episode. =]


maven said...

Unless I see a real body with no pulse, I'm leaning towards Kelvin being alive. Desmond might have thought he was dead, but a head injury does bleed a lot...but does it mean it's fatal? I like the idea that Kelvin is lurking somewhere on the island.

capcom said...

I meant that when Des left the Swan to the Losties and hi-tailed it for the boat to escape, it would have been nice if he checked once more on Kelvin on the way. Maybe if he is alive, he'd be wandering the jungle in a daze. Cuz if he was coherent, he would probably try to make it back to the Swan, his only home. I dunno tho, I'd still like him to be alive and pop up to surprise us!

And the Others did give Colleen a Viking burial. Maybe she was Scandinavian tho and they don't do that for anyone else. :-)

pgtbeauregard said...

It's quite possible that Ben and the others are holding him hostage, otherwise surely he would have taken Des's boat.

Hopefully, TPTB will adress this in the near future.

Also, they should be paying attention to this blog, and beg Memphish to come write for the show.

capcom said...

Ditto about Memphish, PGT! :-)

Jay said...

He's either dead and Smokey took his body or he's alive and a prisoner of the Others. He definitely would have taken the Elizabeth if he survived and was left to his own devices.

The most plausible explanation would be dead and eaten by Smokey. However, because Kevin's back story would fill in a whole lot of holes, I think he's alive and hidden away somewhere. Like the Temple.