Wednesday, September 05, 2007

More Danielle

There are a few other things I noticed about Danielle
in Exodus Part 1 but unfortunately could not find
screen caps for. Here they are for you reading and
rewatching pleasure.

When the A-team arrives in The Dark Territory, it's
marked by a black cloth. This marks another set of
boundaries on the Island. Others include the line Tom
indicates to the 815 survivors in The Hunting Party, the
sonic fence and the ash ring near Jacob's cabin. I wonder
why Danielle or Danielle's people felt it was necessary to
mark off this area.

When the "security system" makes its way
through the trees in The Dark Territory Danielle runs from
it and hides in the trees. It's an interesting response given
how we've seen other Island dwellers deal with Smokey. I
wonder if Smokey's taken any flashes of Danielle like it did
with Juliet or if Danielle has ever stared it down like Locke
and Eko.


cool_freeze said...

Well, considering the fact that she is really an unkown character it is hard to say. We really don't KNOW who Danielle is compared to the other characters who have had flashback after flashback and some even a flashforward. All we know is that she is a trapper and has a daughter named Alex.

I find it odd that we have had A Juliet flashback AND a Ben flashback and yet Danielle was introduced in Season 1!

This either means that she is a HUGE part of the LOST mystery or a very little part.

This brings another question to the table...what WAS the sickness?


Paula Abdul Alhazred said...

It figures that Danielle would know how to hide from the Cerberus system. She's been on the island for a long time and seemingly knows her way around.

The reason we haven't gotten a Danielle flashback is probably because it will answer so many big questions, and it also might depend upon certain characters we haven't met yet. So it has to happen at the right time.

I think the sickness is related to whatever was happening with the implant Claire had.

capcom said...

So what exactly is the question? Heheh. Yeah, Danielle's a big question mark any way we look at her so far. Just about everything that she has said and done is cryptic and needs some major expanding upon. And the fact that she does not seem too sane adds even more ambiguity to what she reports in her observations.

Amused2bHere said...

Crazy French chick, indeed!

Too many unanswered questions for her, I'm not sure where to place her or what to believe.

I definitely don't believe that she never saw the Others. Could she be *that* terrified for 16 years? Just sit in a corner, hugging your knees and praying the boogie man stays away? Nope, ain't buying it.

There's definitely more to her story that we don't have yet.

Or she could be just a really big French red herring.