Monday, September 17, 2007

Why Couldn't Locke Have Waited
Three Hours?

Jack gives his stirring stump speech. The sun comes up in
3 hours and we're all going to be here to see that happen.
I promise. It was what they all needed to hear; it was what
we'd just learned from the flashback that Jack had learned
they needed to hear. And then Locke can't wait three more
hours to explore the Hatch? Is it any wonder Jack doesn't
trust anything Locke says or does anymore? Locke can be
more Every Man for Himself than even Sawyer.

In any event I guess it works for Emmy voters.
Congratulations Terry O'Quinn on your win last night!


capcom said...

You're right! Locke really is EMFH!

I was thinking yesterday, that maybe the explanation for Locke's wacky behavior, is NOT because he is making his own free-will decisions, like he thinks he is. What if Jacob is making him do things, because Locke is so receptive?! Pretend that Jacob immediately senses Locke (as well as everyone else) on the island after the crash. He then heals Locke to get him into a "the island is special and so am I" mindset, and Locke opens his mind to being receptive to the island's influence. Bingo, that's all Jacob needs to twist Locke's brain into doing his every whim, and all the while Locke thinks that he's acting on his own choices. Again, the joke would be on Locke. He's been used by the ultimate controller, Jacob. It could have even been Jacob "speaking" when Locke said to Jack, "You're not supposed to do this."

It would explain a lot of Locke's apparently anti-productive antics! But I'm sure that there are a lot of things that would shoot down this theory as well. Fire away friends! :o)

pgtbeauregard said...


I agree that Locke is very open to manipulation - he's searching for a family/acceptance into a family. Is he being used, and does he know he's being used? Towards the end of Season 3 I believe he does, but in the case of blowing the hatch, and wanting to immediately explore w/o waiting for Jack, I think that's his own eagerness combined with some goading from Jacob's camp.

If everyone was brought to the island for a specific purpose - then it all makes sense for him to do everything he has if his purpose was to set in motion the blowing of the hatch. If you substitute "Jacob" for "island" in Locke's dialogue, it comes together even more!

Good theorizing! Good questions!

capcom said...

That's what I was wondering PGT, that we might find out later that the terms Island and Jacob will be interchangable when it comes to what has been influencing and inspiring Locke. Especially since Locke heard him in the cabin, he might have been "hearing" Jacob for a long time since the crash. Granted, I agree that "Mr.Don'ttellmewhattodo" was probably hard to control at first. :-)

Paula Abdul Alhazred said...

I am 100% on board with the idea that Jacob has been manipulating Locke since the beginning. I absolutely think that whenever Locke is talking about the island, he's referring to Cerberus and Jacob. Locke is a man who is lost and desperate to believe in something, anything. Jacob healed him and voila! Now he can play Locke like a record. What does Locke's profile say? He is "amenable for coercion." I think we need to look no further than Locke's behavior on the island to see that's exactly what's happening.

capcom said...

Heh, right, "amenable for coercion", I forgot about that! :-)