Monday, December 10, 2007

Kelvin Questions

Why did Kelvin paint the map without the aid of the blacklight? I guess so Desmond couldn't see it and want to leave the Swan even more. But that doesn't really make sense either. Why would he paint on it at all in those circumstances? Does anyone know if painting with liquid detergent would should up under black light?

And here's the bigger question in regards to Kelvin -- are you him?

Why didn't anyone come to the Swan after Kelvin arrived? I assume it was because they couldn't find the Island. Is that because Ben's group did something after Kelvin's arrival to mask the Island or because the only person who knew how to get there defected or died or was killed? Hopefully we'll find this one out soon.

On a personal note, I think I'd have turned that key long before reaching Kelvin's level of crazy.


capcom said...

Let's hear it for Kelvin questions! He is such an open story that we need more of. I get the feeling that Kelvin did not get the deal that Patchy seems to have gotten during the Purge. Or, perhaps he did, but Ben promised him that they would send someone to relieve him (we know that Kelvin didn't like being alone like Patchy) and he never did.

And yes, who the he%% is Him????

I never tested fabric soap under a black light yet, anyone else? I think that the "bluing" that is put into it to make clothes look brighter or whiter is supposed to react to light, so maybe that's how it is flourescence.

Lost 2010 said...

If the knew about the cameras, I offer two possibilities:

They want the people behind the cameras to see them drawing on the wall and he does it in this odd manner to get Des to ask questions to draw attention to it - to try to force a confrontation with the watchers.


They don't want the people behind the cameras to see the maps. Maybe the cameras are off when the blacklights come on.

Paula Abdul Alhazred said...

I think no one came because as far as DHARMA knew, Radzinsky was still alive, so Kelvin had a partner. Though I do think it's possible a replacement could have been captured/killed/eaten by a polar bear/smacked down by Cerberus before they could get to the Swan.

I don't think DHARMA is having trouble finding the island, because otherwise, I don't understand how the food drop appeared. But of course, if that's true, why couldn't the freighter people infiltrate DHARMA in order to locate the island? Unless, of course, there is an anomaly causing time to move faster/slower on the island, meaning the food drop could've been sent a long time ago but only appeared recently. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!

Capcom, Patchy didn't get a deal during the Purge. I think the show bungled a little bit by not making this clearer: Mikhail was brought to the island by the Others, not DHARMA. He was lying about being part of the Initiative. The Others sent him to control the Flame after the Purge because they needed to keep the communication station manned at all times, and Patchy seems to like being alone.

I don't think Kelvin had anything to do with the Others. Ben and his gang seemed to not know much about or even understand the Swan. I think this is because, after the Incident, DHARMA made every effort to keep the Swan isolated and inaccessible to the Hostiles. The Swan was the most significant station, and its apocalyptic potential meant that it had to be protected at all costs. This is why it survived the Purge, and this is why the men in the station survived the Purge.

I do think, however, that Radzinsky and Mikhail had a type of friendship. I say this because both Mikhail's glass eye and the strip that Radzinsky cut out of the Swan film were packed away together. Not to mention, sounds like they are both Russian. It's possible the two set aside the differences of their allegiances and sort of quietly hung out. (I suspect Radzinsky would wander off and leave Kelvin alone with the button, just as Kelvin did to Desmond). Perhaps they communicated through the computer system; maybe Radzinsky cut that warning out of the orientation film because he knew sometimes it might be a good thing to communicate with the Hostiles. This is just wild speculation on my part but I think it makes sense.

capcom said...

Hey, I like that idea about Rad and Patchy knowing each other. It makes sense considering the film and eyeball.

I still don't know what to make of the Swan and who knew what, but I like your ideas about that too. I concur...AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! :o)

Jay said...

I'll have a post up on Kelvin very soon. :)