Monday, December 24, 2007

Who's Coercing You Now John?

In one of my least favorite LOST episodes ever, young cop Eddie tells Locke that he was targeted to take down the pot farm because Locke would be "amenable for coercion." I'm still wondering if this is why the Island/Jacob has chosen Locke as well. Is Locke going to turn out to be the mere puppet as he feared in "?" or will he ever be the master of his fate, the captain of his soul?

Similarly, is this why Jacob/Ben should not have chosen Walt? Mobisode 6 shows Walt isn't very amenable at least to the Others' methods.

Finally, would a guy who lived on a pot farm be on your "good" list if you were Jacob? I guess the answer is yes if good means amenable for coercion. Was young Ben similarly amenable? How about Rose who was also healed?


Ange said...

You know this phrase, amenable for coercion is an interesting one.

I think it applies to Ben and his role in the extermination of Dharma. Which is probably why he was chosen. I also think that it does indeed apply to Locke. He seems to want a higher purpose so badly that he is willing to go along with any suggestion from those in the know. I just have a bad feeling that this whole Jacob "Help Me" thing is going to play Locke for a pawn in accomplishing something disastrous.

maven said...
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maven said...
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capcom said...

Poor Locke is so messed up at this point, I don't even know where to begin to psycho-analyze the guy. One of his biggest problems is that he's constantly contradicting himself, or at least what he wants for himself. E.g., saying that people can't tell him what to do, and then he's the biggest sucker when someone manipulates him. I hope that he can get himself together in S4, to know what he really wants for himself.

maven said...

That is the BIG QUESTION: Who's doing the coercing? Is it Ben, Jacob, Richard Alpert, what's at the Temple, or the island? Locke seems to be the most open to manipulation...he's searching for his place and meaning for his life. Rose is "special", but has her Bernard. Walt is too young and uncontrollable and has Michael. Ben was young when he was "recruited", but he was ready (Daddy issues again)to find his place. Locke seems the best choice for what the island or whatever or whomever wants.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.