Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Why Were There Whispers Before
The Others Sprung Their Trap?

This is the most unusual occurrence of the whispers. They are loud and words are clearly audible just before the Others loose their spasm-causing darts. If they are aligned with the Others aren't they blowing the element of surprise? And if they aren't, couldn't they have warned the group back in the jungle when they had a better chance of escape?

Happy LOST S3 DVD Day! And be sure to check out Missing Moment #6. It answers some Walt questions.


capcom said...

I have no clue what the whispers are all about. But could they be a part of the two groups of Other-Others besides the Others that TPTB have alluded to? Maybe they are DIs who are trapped in a wormhole dimension. Or, they are DIs who are traveling in wormholes to the future and back, and see these things happening, but can't really do anything about them but observe. Sort of like watching fish swimming in an aquarium, they can only watch what happens and make comments to themselves about it while things are happening.

capcom said...

P.S. Yes! Mobi-6 is awesome!

Now my question is, would it have detracted from the quality of the show if we would have gotten these missing pieces in the order in which they happened in the timeline or on the island, within the show's season? I don't think so. So big deal, we'd have a few less mysteries to agonize over, out of thousands. I could take it. :-)

Jay said...

A very good question. It seems more and more like the Others are NOT responsible for the Whispers after all. I'm thinking it's one of two things:

1) The people who live in the Temple (who may be separate from the Others - think the Greek Oracle).

2) It's the Monster. Paula once commented that the Monster might be something akin to Legion, i.e. it absorbes the memories and personalities of the people it kills/finds. Kinda like the Borg too. And sometimes all those voices (or memories) talk to each other - that's why we sometimes hear familiar ones (like Frank Duckett).

Just rambling here.