Friday, December 07, 2007

Was David Really Dead?

I'll concede this is a serious conspiracy theorist post. But I wonder if perhaps someone promised to heal a sick David for Libby if she delivered a boat to Desmond. In other words the same deal Ben promised Juliet with respect to Rachel and her alleged cancer recurrence. Just something to think about.


Cool_Freeze said...

Honesstly Memphish..anything dealing with Libby I would suspect. The funny thing about it is...from the VERY FIRST time I saw Libby I caught her as an out of place character. Of course all of the characters are supposed to be out of place..because indeed they crashed on an island. I have just always suspected her. Whenever she was shot though, I put all of my suspicion behind me because I really didn't think she had anything else to offer the show..unless of course she was taken under ground and revived by the secret underground community. hahaha

Now that she is coming back..I suspect..again.


Lost 2010 said...

I'm really hoping for an interesting storyline with Libby. I've never been sure if David was just someone she made up for the sake of conning Desmond or whether she's on the up and up. Healing sick people seems to be a common theme on the show so you may have a point.

Paula Abdul Alhazred said...

Since the writers promised that Libby plays a huge role of importance in LOST, and that our suspicions of her are not incorrect, I am not trusting anything we supposedly know about Libby right now.

capcom said...

Ditto. :-)

andrew. said...

How do you think we'll get Libby's story?
i don't think Hurley's encounter with her gives much opportunity, so i'm guessing her story will play out in Desmond's flashbacks.

pgtbeauregard said...

PAA and Capcom,

It's very possible that Libby's David does not exist, and the boat really isn't hers, but belongs to Widmore or Paik (or whoever)and she was waiting on Des to sort of reel him in and give him "her" boat.

A Libby flashback answering the question of whether or not she was a patient in SRM, and whether or not she really is a clinical psycologist would clear up a lot of questions, but the glaring one is: who is she working for?

TPTB won't answer this one though, because it would be too revealing for the whole mystery of Lost. rrrggh