Friday, December 28, 2007

What Is The Deal With This Intercom?

Juliet tells Jack that the intercom hasn't worked in a very long time, but that's clearly false. Jack hears his father (hallucination? probably), but then he hears Sawyer, shouting Others, and finally Alex. Did Juliet not know that the intercom did indeed work? Was Jack supposed to hear all those things?


andrew. said...

each time the intercom worked it seemed to suggest something else.
- Jack's dad = Jack is cracking up.
- Sawyer's torture-surgery & the others = the island is controlling the broken intercom, making him hear what it wants him to.
- Alex = the intercom actually works
the only overarching explanation is that the intercom actually worked. Ben piped in Christian Shepherd's voice to try to make Jack think he was cracking up, and shared Sawyer's torture on purpose. Alex knew it worked and used it for the jailbreak.

pgtbeauregard said...

I believe that Juliet lied when she said it didn't work (imagine - Juliet lying!) She and Ben were playing mind games with Jack.

Andrew has a good theory about Christian Shepard's voice being piped in by Ben, but it's likely that Ben is also responsible for Jack being able to hear Sawyer's torture.

Was it Alex that told him to try the door? Or was it someone trying to sound like Alex so that Jack would see the cages? I can see Ben being behind that one as well.

capcom said...

Technically, it didn't work "very well". :-)

Maybe it didn't work on the sending out part, but would receive OK. So she only half-lied, as the Others are accustomed to doing.

On top of all the mysteries, we have to keep track of all the lies as well!

Lost 2010 said...

The lies inside other lies do keep you thinking in circles.

I think Ben wanted him to hear all those things. It was all part of the con to make him do the surgery.

First, you make him think he's cracking up.

Then, you make him think you're torturing Sawyer (okay, actually you just let him know that you really did)

Then you send Kate to tell him they're going to kill Sawyer (he's prone to believe it because he heard the torture earlier)

Then, I just can't help but think that Ben tricked Alex into letting him out at just that moment for the show on the monitors.

andrew. said...

with the intercom & the Looking Glass station, Ben seemed to enjoy the 'oh, that's broken' defense; and with the others' bohemian costume party, he just liked to 'slum it' a little for appearances.
maybe those defibulator paddles worked after all? sorry Colleen.

memphish said...

Oh snap, Andrew! Poor Coll.

Paula Abdul Alhazred said...

Obviously the intercom worked in some fashion, though admittedly it was pretty flimsy sounding. So the idea that it was broken might not have entirely been a lie. As far as Jack hearing his father, I think this was both Jack beginning to hallucinate, as well as the island/Jacob communicating with him. There's a deleted scene from "A Tale of Two Cities" where Jack is lying on the table in the aquarium, and sees a little girl who he saved from choking (also in a deleted scene). I believe this was Jacob sending a message to Jack, trying to help him "let it go." (I think Jacob is the Monster, and obviously the Monster cannot physically travel to Hydra island nor enter the Barracks, but that's just its physical element. It's psychic capacity, I believe, extends to the whole island as well as the vicinity around it).

capcom said...

Happy B-day Memphish! :-)

memphish said...

Thanks Capcom! :-)

maven said...

Happy Birthday, Memphish!

Thanks for posting the QOTD throughout the hiatus!

memphish said...

You're welcome Maven. It's been fun, and I plan to keep it up until S4 starts.

pgtbeauregard said...

Happy b-day Memphish.

Sometimes this blog is the only thing that gets me through a Lost withdrawal!!

A big thank you!

Paula Abdul Alhazred said...

Happy birthday!

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