Thursday, December 20, 2007

Where's The Elizabeth Now?

I guess it could show up in S4, or it may just disappear.

And while we're on the subject of questions from The Glass Ballerina, do you think Jin will ever find out about Sun and Jae. I hope not for his sake.

And were the Others really building a runway? That's what Pickett says in a S3 deleted scene. Why a runway? Aliens? Doubt it. So is there a plane on the Hydra Island or will one land? Or will this go the way of Vincent on the dock in Season 2's DVD extras?


Paula Abdul Alhazred said...

I'm guessing since they had Juliet mention the runway in the season finale, it's probably not something they're gonna just forget about. But on the other hand, it's hard to gauge how important this info is. I'm speculating that they're building a runway on Hydra island because planes and other aircraft can't fly over the main island without crashing. Already we've seen two plane crashes and a helicopter crash, and I'm thinking Naomi's buddies will have similar difficulties. But flying to Hydra island and then taking a boat to the main island . . . that would work.

capcom said...

There's one thing that I never thought of until now concerning the runway. The Others might be trying to create a faster way to travel around the island than by foot and via whatever is left of the defunct DI tunnel network (if the "X" marks on the blast door map are any indication that they've been cut off). They might be just setting up a cleared take-off and landing area for some kind of ultralight craft or something like that, to zoom around the island faster. But do I really think that's wehre TPTB are going with it? Nah. :o)

hatchling23 said...

Vincent on the dock? you LOST me there. What is that about?

I seriously doubt they were building a runway. They said that Hydra Island was about the size of Alcatraz Island and that is not big enough to land much of a plane on. Maybe a very small plane, but not one big enough to fly over open ocean. Besides, a seaplane would have been a much better choice for them.

I don't believe they were really building anything, just an excuse to get Sawyer and Kate together out of the cages. Plus they had her wear a dress while working, clearly just to get Sawyers attention.

just my 2cents...

hatchling23 said...

By the way, I love your countdown clock, very cool.

Jay said...

There's a deleted scene on the Season 3 DVD with Kate, Sawyer and Pickett which not only shows Pickett telling Sawyer they're building a runway, but there's actually a great overhead shot of the thing! It was a terrific scene (actually several of the deleted scenes were terrific, including one with Ben and Alex and another with Ben and Locke) - I can't understand why they deleted it in favor of something else?

But back to the runway, if the Others were building one they must have figured out a way to get planes safely on and off the island.

memphish said...

Hatchling23, in the DVD extras for Season 2 you can see Vincent at the Pala Ferry pier when they were shooting Live Together, Die Alone. It's not even a deleted scene, but in some other extra and it had people on the web wagging their tongues about whether or not Vincent left with Michael and Walt (he did not as evidenced by S3) and why Walt wouldn't go back for Vincent (he's a dog).

As for Hydra Island, Ben says in "Every Man for Himself" that the Hydra Island is twice the size of Alcatraz. The deleted scene does indeed show what appears to be a runway for a plane about the size of the Nigerian drug plane.

I'm not sure I agree PAA that what affects landing on the main island doesn't affect landing on the Hydra as well. After all it's while they are at the Hydra that Juliet says that traveling in the boat won't permit the LOSTies to escape. Nor do Kate, Sawyer and Karl or all the Others and Jack seem to pass through any special barrier on their way back to the main Island. I think whatever messes with you on the main Island is still in effect on the Hydra.

But I do think Ben's group controls whatever it is that would permit you to arrive on the Island/s. I'm pretty convinced that the reason Desmond crashed on the Island is because the path to the Island was opened to permit Juliet to arrive. Their arrival dates are very close together.

Paula Abdul Alhazred said...


It sounded to me like Naomi's helicopter started having problems as it passed directly over the island; that's what I based my admittedly thin theory on. I think the effects of the extend for a significant distance around it; however, perhaps passing directly over the anomaly results in a flurry of electromagnetic disturbances that crash aircraft.

Amused2bHere said...

cool countdown clock, Memphish!

Been catching up with your blog...I guess after Carrie I'll have to start the Dark Tower series from my public library. Thanks for whetting my appetite.

where's the boat now? dunno. Don't the Others have it somewhere? Last we saw of it Sun shot Colleen and then jumped off, so the Others took it with them. It wasn't with the sub, or Locke would have blown it up too I think. We may yet see it again.

Second quesiton: I agree, Jin should not find out about Jae as long as it would really pose a problem for him (there may come a time when it would be so far in the past that it would no longer matter to him, that Sun would have redeemed herself in his eyes by the relationship she built with Jin and the baby.)

Finally: Runway? Hmmm...I guess it's possible that they spoke a truth in jest to throw others off. I hope we'll see the truth in S4.