Thursday, December 27, 2007

What Happened To "We're Next?"

Eko tells Locke "we're next" after Smokey has smashed him a breath from his death. So what happened to that? I guess you could make an argument that Smokey did get Nikki and Paolo. He appeared to be around at the time at least. Should Sayid be worried? Locke?


capcom said...

My sentiments exactly! WTH?! So far, until we get any follow-up to this, I've chalked it up as just a moment of hyper-drama written into the scene that was never meant to have any resolution. :-(

Unless in some far-fetched way, Smokey has something to do with the freighter people and since the freighter peeps are on their way, they are next to be taken down by them. But I highly doubt it.

Paula Abdul Alhazred said...

I remember on the podcast for this episode, D&C actually explained that Eko specifically meant Locke when he said "you're next," and that Locke was misinterpreting it. I think he meant that Smokey would be testing/judging Locke soon, which has arguably happened by the end of the third season, since Locke has encountered Jacob. Although, a strong case could definitely be made for Nikki and Paulo, as well. It does seem like the island is now doing away with those who it finds unredeemable.

Cool_Freeze said...

I was wondering this myself. You would think they would have made this more clear.


trevor mcfur said...

He did make a try for Kate & Juliet, but couldn't get through the elecronic fence.

Also, we don't know if the monster was speaking through Eko, if the monster revealed his plan to Eko somehow, or if it was just a way for Eko to tell Locke to watch his back around that monster.

I also think, too, that it's easy to forget that by the show's timeline, only 3 months or so have passed since the crash. That scene with Locke and Eko happened maybe .. 3 weeks ago show time? For us, it's 16 months or so, and it feels like forever.

memphish said...

Well that's way too logical. This is one of those things that is more annoying because if the long break between episodes 5 and 8 as they aired. When I'm given too much time to dissect things like this feel more unresolved than they probably are in reality.

memphish said...
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