Monday, December 17, 2007

Season 3 Didn't Answer A Lot of
Season 2 Finale Questions

As full as Season 3 was, it left a lot of questions raised in the Season 2 finale unanswered. For example:

1. What's up with the 4-toed statue?
2. Where does heading 325 from the Pala pier go?
3. How did Penny know to look for electromagnetic anomolies?
4. Why couldn't Desmond leave the Island's sphere and is that still the case post-key turning?
5. And most of all for me -- what the heck did Ben mean when he said to Michael that they are "the good guys?"

There are other things too, but these stand out to me. Hopefully the first 8 episodes of Season 4 will start to provide some of these answers.


maven said...

Those are all great questions left unanswered. I'm hoping for resolution in S4, but I'm not holding my breath. Or if we do get answers, they will only open up more questions! LOL I am hopeful that when the next 48 are done, the story will be beautifully wrapped up.

Paula Abdul Alhazred said...

Great questions! Here are my humble and probably incorrect guesses:

1. The four-toed statue is a remnant of a monument built to Jacob by an ancient culture. Different cultures have different interpretations of their interactions with Jacob/the island, and this one was constructed by a Greco-Roman or possibly even Egyptian culture which once existed on the island.

2. My guess is that the compass bearing goes directly to the freighter, where the "bad guys" have been waiting for the island to become visible. You can get away from the island this direction, but you can't go back.

3. Penny knew to look based on how Desmond changed the past when he time traveled, when he specifically mentioned his experiences on the island. This is, of course, assuming that Penelope is searching specifically for Desmond and not just the island.

4. You can only get away from the island by following bearing 325. BUT, the turning of the failsafe key has probably made the island more accessible. Still, there's something about travel to and from the island that we're not seeing. Something big.

5. The Others are the "good guys" because they have been protecting the island from the freighter people, who are going to do something so disastrous that they must be prevented from reaching the island at all costs.

capcom said...

Yes, I agree with this title completely! This is the only thing really that bugged me about S3. S2 answered a few big Qs but also opened up more, and bigger, Qs. So in S3 I thought that we were going to get more of a viewer "payoff" if you will, for sticking it out to S3, by getting more substantial parts of the story than we ended up getting. The first six eps of S3 and the break didn't annoy me too much. But by the end of S3, the compounding of S3 unanswered Qs on top of the overdue S1 and S2 answers disappointed me. I guess that I just like more linear story telling. Not spoonfed, but just not so choppy.

Kvetching turned off now. :-)

Lost 2010 said...
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Lost 2010 said...

My guesses are pretty similar to PAA's. I do sometimes wonder if some of these things are just dropped in there so we'll know that the island's mysteries are much older than Dharma - the ship, the statue, etc.

I think good guys is a pretty relative term on the show. Juliet did a pretty good job of highlighting that in most situations Sawyer and Sayid would have a hard time being seen as good guys. I'm hoping they end up having to team up with Ben's group just because it should make interesting television.

Paula Abdul Alhazred said...

Capcom, I too think it's frustrating that so many season two questions were left unanswered in season three. But, season three was so rockin' that I think it made up for the lack of answers. I think when the series is all wrapped up, the way answers were delivered will make a lot more sense. (Besides, all evidence is pointing to the majority of these questions being addressed in season four).

2010, you're right. The writers have been trying to show the island's history extends waaaayyyyy pre-DHARMA. But the foot statue is important, apparently. And I think we won't really know the meaning of "bad guys" until the freighter people show up.

memphish said...

In rewatching the series to date it struck me how different the S1 and S2 finales were in this respect. The questions raised in the S1 finale -- what's in the Hatch; what happened to Michael, Jin and Sawyer; and even who's that chick Jack meets in the bar were answered early in S2. No we never got a good answer to why the Others took Walt and what they did with/to him, but at least we knew it was them who took him. S2's finale questions are still much, much more up in the air heading into S4 despite an additional 23 hours of the show.

capcom said...

It does sound like I didn't like S3 at all the way I wrote that, but I did enjoy it and thought that it was packed with lots of emotional and intellectual adventure and excitement.