Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Why Didn't The Island Shake Before
Desmond Turned the Key?

So if this is what happened when Desmond failed to enter the numbers and Flight 815 crashed, why didn't this happen at the end of Season 2? Or did it, but in the absence of people acting like they were in an earthquake drill it was hard to tell?


capcom said...

That's what I've always figured. In Juliet's house we get to experience shaking lamps and teacups, which makes it more dramatic.

Or, in the S3 version, TPTB just wanted to pump up the effect a bit, so they made it a more showy seismic effect. Shame on them for not thinking that we would notice and compare.

Paula Abdul Alhazred said...

I would chalk this inconsistency up to them merely trying to make the effect more dramatic. I don't think it means anything in the long run, and honestly, this is the kind of stuff that only people like us notice. But it is a good observation, definitely.

maven said...

Yeah, I guess things like homes on shaky foundations, lamps, glasses would create more movement unlike trees, rocks and hatches.

memphish said...

I guess I should have watched all the deleted scenes before asking this question. In a deleted scene between Hurley and Locke post-Eko's death and pre-Kate and Sawyer's return, Hurley says there was an earthquake when the sky turned purple. He may have had it a little out of order, but I'm willing to cut him some slack seeing as how he or at least his friends had been shot with darts, been tied up and had a bag over his head just before the event.