Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Were The Dossiers on the LOSTies
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This Guy?

Seems to me that the information the Others seem to have about those on Flight 815 is more than you can get just by surfing the internet. Did they hire a private investigator to help them get Christian Shephard's autopsy report, or are they just that good?


Lost 2010 said...

I forgot about that guy! I just assumed Mikhail and Richard put those dossiers together.

Did they know anything that wouldn't have been a matter of public record? I'm not sure that personal information in general is as hard to get as we'd all like to think. Especially, if you aren't particularly scrupulous.

It seems like the toughest part would be getting hold of the manifest with the names of the passengers. Or is that released pretty quickly if there's a plane crash?

maven said...

Yes, the question of when these dossiers were compiled should be considered! Ben sends Goodwin and Ethan to infiltrate and "get lists" in 3 days. I always thought that Mikhail worked off those lists in the Flame station which had the communications/computers. I would assume that most of the material would have been public record. (Except Juliet telling Jack that Sarah was "happy" was probably just telling him what he wanted to know to keep him happy.)

Paula Abdul Alhazred said...

I'm pretty sure we're going to see that the Others have a network of people engaged in dubious activities in the outside world. (Bonnie and Greta "on assigment" in Canada, people kidnapping Anthony Cooper, spies infiltrating DHARMA and the freighter people, that kinda stuff).

Jay said...

I agree with Paula - the Others seemed to have a network in the outside world that funneled info to Mikhail in the Flame. There certainly had to be a human gathering some of the info since some of the stuff wouldn't have simply been in public records (like Sawyer's shady past). :)

capcom said...

I lean towards a possible off-island network in tandem with Patchy working to gather and assimilate data. For all we know they've got peeps planted in the FBI and/or CIA! :o)

What I'm fuzzy on is whether it's the DI who morphed into the New Others and Hostiles that have done the outside work, or just the Others and Hostiles on their own. I guess we'll see when the New New Others arrive. Maybe all the groups have cross-pollinated and they have infiltrated and are spying on each other! Kind of goes with what, I think, you have said PAA.

hatchling23 said...

When Juliette went to get the medical kit at the drop off point (One of Us), she was approached by Sayid and Sawyer. She made comments to the effect that they hadn't exactly been honest with the others about their past.

She mentions an unknown incident in Basra involving Sayid, and reveals that she knows about Sawyer killing a man in cold blood the night before his flight.

How exactly does she get this information?

capcom said...

I know Hatchling, what the heck? That was shocking, to say the least, to find that she knew those obscure details.

memphish said...

It's even more than just obscure details. The day Sawyer got kicked out of Australia the government clearly didn't know he'd killed Shrimp Truck guy or they wouldn't have let him go. They have details that didn't exist the day of the crash.

I bet they have journalists working for them to get things like the autopsy report. Though I guess with enough money and desire they can find anything to paraphrase a certain finale appearing Brit.

pgtbeauregard said...

The off island network really makes sense, because they have info that wouldn't just be on the internet.

As for the airline releasing info, they won't do that right away, mainly to keep ambulance chasers away from families ( I used to work for an airline)

The detailed info that they had regarding Sawyer blows my mind, because how would they get that info so fast?

Good question!

Ange said...

I'm going to reference some fringe Lost things here, but from TLE we learned that The Hanso Foundation has a lot of eyes and ears all over the world.

We also learned from the book Bad Twin that The Hanso Foundation has a world wide board of directors, military ties, and vast monetary resources.

Maybe there are actually government people hanging around and compiling information on who Ben or Jacob or whoever asks them too. If Dharma is still tied to Hanso, they could be supplying the investigative manpower.

Actually, with Google Maps, all they would really have to do is find the target and then zoom in enough to see ;).

memphish said...

Yes Ange, I hope we'll start to see soon who's working with whom and on what scale. Given how few Others there are on-Island, it's hard to estimate how many of them might exist off-Island. I've always assumed it's very few, but for no reason other than that it's seemed that way to me. I think we must have organizations with infiltrators in numerous directions like we did in TLE what with Rachel Black working for Widmore and having a source inside Hanso.

As for how fast the airlines would release things, I agree PGT that a complete manifest would take some time, not to mention cross-checking it with actual survivors, but there's always people you find out about faster than others because their loved ones talk to the press at the airport or what have you. That would give the others at least some sort of headstart.

capcom said...

PGT, you're right but...Oceanic Airline would have/give the info, if it's owned by the Hanso Foundation/Dharma! Heeheeheeeeee! No transfer of data needed..."they" already know everything. >:-)

The missing piece that we need to fill in is definitely: 1) how long the DI has existed after their island crash-and-burn so that they could still collect data on people, OR, 2)how much of the old DI cross-pollinated with the Hostiles for info collection, OR 3) if the DI on the outside did not mix with the Hostiles, did the Hostiles get the data themselves.