Monday, June 09, 2008

Locke Is In The Coffin, But . . .

Frankly, I never considered that Locke had not in fact died in Los Angeles, but listening to Jay & Jack I heard both Jay and Jack agree that they think Locke is faking his death. Handsome Jack even added that he used Doc Arzt's spider venom to perpetrate the con. So what do you think?


Capcom said...

I'll say one thing, the make-up dept sure did a good job of making Locke, Dez, and James look very distorted and corpse-y!

pgtbeauregard said...

After Michael "died" on the freighter, I knew it was probably Ben or Locke in the coffin - though for a whole year I really really thought it was Michael.

I think Ben has a plan, where he either faked Lockes death, or really killed him (knowing when he was brought back to the island he would sort of resurect). Can't wait to see how they get him back to the island.

memphish said...

PGT I like the idea that Ben killed Locke. He certainly could have the motive to do that. And Locke is stupid enough to let him. I am interested to see how they avoid the Weekend at Bernie's hilarity with Locke's body too.

I also wonder why if Locke had the resources to leave the Island and travel the US if not the world to contact the O6, why didn't he have money for a decent funeral, or at least a casket in a decent neighborhood? I guess whoever helped him commit suicide removed evidence of any wealth.

pgtbeauregard said...


Good point about the pauper's funeral - what did happen to the money?

He had some resources to be able to travel around the country - e.g. seeing Walt etc.

I'm sure Ben has a plan to avoid dragging Locke around L.A. - although it would make for some funny Ben quotes