Thursday, June 26, 2008

Who Has To Go Back?

Vote for all the people you think must go back to the Island.

And why would all of them need to go back? Locke never told anyone but Jack that they didn't need to leave. He never made the case to Kate, Sun, Hurley, etc. And he had lots of opportunity with Hurley this season. And he knows what Kate did and that the Others don't want her for that reason. So why do they all need to go back now?


maven said...

I think Ben has to "piggyback" on all the O6 so he can get back.

Lost 2010 said...

I tend to think it's a con to try and get Jack to reveal Desmond's location to Ben.

memphish said...

I like that idea too Lost2010, and Ben is known for his unnecessarily complicated plans (think the ridiculous kidnap Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley plan when you could have taken them earlier and often.)