Monday, June 16, 2008

We Have To Go Back . . .

The more I think about it, the more I think it's not the case that the O6 have to go back to the Island, but that they have to go back to the Island by going back in time. The reason for going back so far has been held out as "bad things" happened when they left and therefore they have to go back. And the thing I can't figure out if why going back after the bad things have happened helps.

The other thing that makes me think that going back in time is necessary is Ben's idea that he can go and they need Locke's body. Ben tells Locke that a person who moves the Island can't return. So does Ben think he can take the O6 and dead Locke back in time before he turned the donkey wheel and beat the universe at its own game? Can you go back to that place in 4-dimensional space-time before you turned the wheel?

And what point in space-time would you go back to? I guess they are looking at a point after 815 crashed if you need the O6, but does that mean you need Desmond too? And what about the kids -- Aaron, Ji Yeon, and Walt? Can you take a 3-year-old Aaron back to when he was 2 months old? A born Ji Yeon to when she was in utero or even earlier? Or do Aaron and Ji Yeon get a pass which might explain Kate needing to go back, but not taking Aaron.

Talk about your alternate universes and time lines! But I'm willing to buy that sort of thing at least in a final season. I just still can't figure out why go back after the cat's been let out of the bag, and how Ben's involvement would work.


Ezra James Sharkington said...

I like the idea of going back in time. I wonder though how they would pull it off since they are not on the island any more. Are there satellite Orchid stations or something like it that Dharma scattered about the earth so they don’t need the island? If this scenario is true I wonder what they would do with Walt. I don’t know if they could pass off a totally different kid for Walt.

Another totally crazy hypothesis I had about why they have to go back is that it is all due to course correcting. I hope TPTB didn’t introduce this concept and then chose not to use it. Maybe all of the bad things that happened on the island were intended to get everyone back? In a way all of the horrible on island events that happened were not horrible in the long run because it was the reason for the O6 to return . Without the awful island things, maybe the O6 wouldn’t feel the guilt and in turn wouldn’t be compelled to venture back. This theory could tie in to yours if the only way to get back to the island and fix everything is to go back in time.

My brain hurts :)

memphish said...

I like your course correcting EJS. The big question of course is what needs to be corrected. It's hard to imagine what happened when they left that would make the O6 think they need to go back and what they think they can accomplish. Other than it being somehow saving the people they know, I don't know why any of them would return. We still don't know what it is about the Island that's worth saving it. That tension between people and the Island raised its head again in the finale with Locke's concern for the freighter and Ben's "So?" As a mom, I'm pretty certain I wouldn't put my child in danger by trying to return to the Island just for some piece of land. That said, I hope Season 5 will finally start to unravel that secret for us.

Ezra James Sharkington said...

I completely agree that no mom would want to put their child in danger trying to return to an island just for land. That makes me wonder what it could be for. I do think part of the reason for returning is to rescue the people they left behind. I am not sure if rescue means get them off of the island or make it safe again for everyone to live there. However, I am conflicted on the other reason for returning ( or even if there is another reason to go back). Could they be agreeing to go back so the maddening visits from people like Christian and Claire and Charlie go away? Or maybe the island’s power has something to do with it and each of the O6 will realize there is no beating the island because it will always get you to do what it wants?

As for Ben, I think he is either trying to manipulate the O6 in going back so he can use them to get back to his home, or by helping them to return he will please the island and will be allowed back. It would be interesting if he wasn’t being the master manipulator because that is what we have all come to know and love about Ben.

Capcom said...

I was just thinking some of these things today, after I rewatched the end. But I wasn't thinking about them going back in time...interesting.

So far Ben has contradicted himself, he says first that whoever turns the wheel can't return to the island...and then it sounds like he says to Jack that "we're" going to have to bring him too. I have to check that on my other TV for the captions, because it also could sound like "you're". Has anyone watched that part with the captions on?

I like your course-correcting idea, EJS. Could it be that the O6ers have purpose on the island as much as Desmond has his? If that is the case, I hope that they get a little help from Mrs.Hawking or Bro.Campbell, they'll need it. I wonder what Ben's "ideas" are? Can't wait to find that out! Always the man with the plans.

memphish said...

He says both Capcom. Here's the transcript. First he says "all of you have to go back." Then he says "we're going to have to bring him too."

There's so many circular things going on at this point. Hurley who in Ep. 4.1 was eager to go back seems reluctant in his encounter with Sayid. Sayid has never mentioned going back and has never really had any sort of "spiritual" Island encounter except I guess for seeing wet Walt before Shannon dies. He's trying to protect his friends, but it's still unclear who that means especially given how few 815ers are left on the Island. Jack says he wants to go back, that they shouldn't have left, but I can't figure out how 3 years later going back and shouldn't left could equal the same thing. 3 years into college, I could transfer, but the experience in terms of who I met and became close friends with would never have been the same if I'd chosen college B in the first place. Kate's finally been told she needs to go back, but she's also been told not to. And nothing for Sun.

I can see that the return of the O6 could easily be Ben trying to beat fate and return to the Island. But I don't know how he would manipulate the visions the O6 are having. And speaking of those visions they are equally circular. Dang, this makes me ready for Seasons 5 and 6 because I can't even figure out what the end game is at this point. Is it going back; is it fixing something; is it rescuing the rest; what? Blaarrrggghhh!

pgtbeauregard said...


going back in time is an excellent theory. Ben could take the 06 back to when he killed Keamy. I always thought there was no need to move the island after the freighter blew up. We know Penny's boat is out there, so after Frank landed the helo on the island, up sails Pen's boat, and takes those who want to leave off the island.

Jin, of course, has now swum to the zodiak, so Daniel, Jin and the redshirts are safe as well.

Capcom said...

Tx Memphish! I feel like Ben was only half-telling Locke the facts about not returning, as usual. It may just be extremely difficult to return, as in damm near impossible, UNLESS...perhaps if you can return with all the "matter" that left with you -- which would include the O6ers who were supposed to be a part of the island's matter or DNA, if you will, before they left and the FDW was turned -- then Ben could indeed return. So in short, I agree with you, it seems all about Ben getting back to the island. Jacob may need the O6 back, but Ben might be trying to make sure that he goes back with them as well.