Monday, June 30, 2008

Are There 2 Bens Like There Are 2 Bunnies?

Another Jay and Jack caller theory. This caller speculated that Ben can't return to the Island because turning the wheel produced two of him, one on and one off Island. Ben off Island can't return because of the possibility of colliding with Ben on Island. I personally am not a great fan of this theory, but what does everyone else think?


Lost 2010 said...

I suppose that's possible. But the 2nd time traveling bunny was able to return to the island okay. And we now know the bunny wasn't cloned - it was time traveling - if we believe Ben.

If the time traveling is the element of science, I'm starting to think that these other rules - Jacob, the chosen one, banishment from the island, all must return - are all part of the faith that surrounds the science. What I haven't figured out is whether they're portraying it as a true or false religion.

maven said...

I'm not a big fan of this theory. However, in the Comic Con Orchid video a big deal was made of keeping the two bunnies apart. I'm not a big scientist-type person (not even a small one), but it doesn't make sense to me that if you time-travel you leave behind your other self. I'm in the group that thinks when Ben went into his secret door that he traveled somewhere, but only a short time transpired on the island (and then he came out and Smokey came).

Capcom said...

D'oh! This is a fun idea! But I don't think so either, because Bunny 15 was not duplicated, it was accidently sent back in time (too far, or instead of forward, we don't know yet) by the tech.

Although, I'm going to turn this idea over in my mind for a while today, because the FDW might have a different effect than the DI equipment built onto it, so who knows of TPTB might make this be the case?