Friday, June 20, 2008

Were Charlotte and Daniel on the Up and Up?

I heard this on Jay and Jack. A caller speculated that Daniel and Charlotte lied about what they were up to in The Tempest. Lying?!? On LOST?!? The caller thinks rather than rendering poison that Ben could use inert, Daniel shut off a barrier that existed between the Island and the Freighter. I like that idea. After than episode it did seem like people went back and forth between the two much more easily than they had before that event. What do you think?


Ezra James Sharkington said...

OK, this is a crackpot theory based upon some things I have read on Lospedia and my own imagination, so don’t laugh too hard when it is proven completely wrong :)

The Tempest was originally a station DHARMA built to study the weather. There was a weather research station mentioned on the blast door map but of course we do not know how much of what was written on there was/is true. The reason the station had chemicals in it was because they would fire these chemicals into the air to try to manipulate the weather ( The Chinese are going to try to do it for the Summer Olympics so Wikipedia says, wonder how that will work out for them). Ben learned of the station and of the chemicals and thought to himself this would be a perfect way to exterminate a vast number of people with minimal effort and used the chemicals against DHARMA. Over years Ben’s people (i.e. Goodwin) have been working with the station to carryout Ben’s orders (what they might be I don’t know). The Freighties were told of this and told to eliminate the threat of the purge happening all over again because that would leave Ben and a few select others again in control of the island.

End of the crackpot theory. You may begin to laugh.

maven said...

Well, we do know that Daniel and Charlotte have lied to the Losties since the beginning, but I agree with EJS that this theory is little too much out there. Widmore did seem to know that Ben and the Others used chemicals to create the Purge and the place where those chemicals came from was The Tempest. They had to outsmart Ben and stop another purge from happening.

Maybe the easier island/freighter crossings were just because the correct bearings were being used.

Capcom said...

I've always basically been in line with those thoughts about the Tempest too EJS, in addition to some others.