Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Whoever moves the island can never come back.

Why? My favorite theory, and I've heard this a couple of places is that turning the wheel has exposed Ben to such a high level of radiation/magnetism/other that trying to return to the Island would lead to death a la Minkowski and Eloise, constant or no constant. Why do you think Ben can't return to the Island? Or do you think he can?

And here's a corollary to the question. There are those who speculate that Widmore turned the wheel in the past. Do you think he did? And if he did, why was he looking for the Island again if Island movers can't come back. And what about Christian Shephard and Locke? Did they move the Island too?


Capcom said...

Great post! I was wondering about this also! But then of course, it cancels out my other theory that Ben only cares about helping everyone get back to the island so that he can go back too -- as in, he can't go back unless they all go back. Ben doesn't seem to help people unless there is some percentage in it for him first and foremost.

So I have conflicting theories as usual. But I really like the radiation sickness possibility. Perhaps one or all of the O6ers are his constant, so he needs them to go gack with him for that reason too? To be able to ground himself when he gets there in case he starts getting unstuck -- he knows he can connect with them in the future/past in the world, and can connect with them on the island as well when he gets displaced. I dunno.

Then again, if he's been using those passports, he may have already left and returned to the island, so he might have previously gone through the whole unstuck thing. ACK, another conflicting theory! :-B

memphish said...

Capcom, how's this for what's in it for Ben? Maybe getting the O6 and in particular Jack and Aaron as members of the Shephard family is going to shut out Widmore which benefits Ben. I'm still trying to figure out how many sides there are to this game. Lately it feels like there may be 4 -- Ben, Widmore, Jacob and Christian.

maven said...

Well, I definitely think Widmore turned the wheel because he knows way too much about the island and he knows way too much about Ben.

I think that Ben (and Widmore) can't get back to the island EASILY. Something else must happen...most likely Ben having to return with all those O6ers. He might have figured that out, but Widmore hasn't. We all know Ben always has a plan and he twists the truth to make it work for him. By sacrificing himself to the FWD and telling Locke he can't come back, he set up Locke to believe he's gonna be the new leader of the Others and the island.

Ezra James Sharkington said...

Maven, I have to agree with your thought that someone who turns the wheel cannot get back to the island easily. Why would Widmore even be looking for it if he couldn’t get back to use it the way he seems fit? Perhaps Ben said that the person who moves it could never go back because they couldn't find it ever again. It seems like Widmore was having a very hard time finding it before the sky turned purple. Another thing that might help Ben get back is that the island wants the O6 to return so he could piggyback on them. I do think that Widmore turned the wheel at some point and that’s the reason he knows as much as he does. I don’t know about Locke and Christian… Part of me says Locke turned the wheel but the other part of me says he was just off the island like Richard and Ben have done in the past. If he did move the island perhaps the you can’t come back rule doesn’t apply when you are dead which could potentially explain Christian.