Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Locke, Leader or Ultimate Scapegoat?

Jeremy Bentham shows up in the real world and tells Jack that "after I left the island, some very bad things happened. And he told me that it was my [Jack's] fault for leaving. And he said that I had to come back. But I'm thinking the bad things may come from Locke's presence more than Jack's absence or possibly even from Ben's absence. After all who did Christian Shephard and Claire tell to move the Island -- Locke. But Locke didn't move the Island, Ben did.

It reminds me of how Locke was supposed to take care of Sheriff's Deputy Eddie, but didn't. How little Locke was supposed to pick the things that belonged to him, but didn't. How he was supposed to kill his dad, but didn't. How Locke was supposed to push the button, but didn't. Once again, Locke is given a task, and he can't even find the flowers.

Now arguably, Locke didn't have the know how had he gotten into the Orchid to move the Island, but maybe the Island would have given him further instructions. But if Locke had been able to get into the Orchid in a timely manner and moved the Island (never to return) he would have trapped Jack on it. So whose fault is it John?


maven said...

Well, everything happens for a reason (according to Locke himself). So it might have been meant to be that Ben turns the FDW.

But you're right...Locke never seems to get anything right and he never finishes what he starts. And he also blows things up! LOL Now we see him left in charge of the Others (and the island). Will Richard have to direct him every step of the way? Or is he finally going to take charge and do things right?

Ezra James Sharkington said...

Maven, that's a good question about Richard. I always wondered why is it that someone who has obviously spent alot of time on the island and who seems to have respect from his people never became leader.

Capcom said...

The more we see Ben and Locke together interacting, the more I think that Ben is playing him to allow Locke to screw things up by himself, all so that Ben can prove to Jacob and Richard that Locke is not the answer to their problems. And that Ben always will be...whether that's actually the case or not.

In the Orchid Locke acted like such a big dope, when it would have been the perfect time for him to buck up and start acting like an adult. His terminal childlike qualities are not the stuff of leadership and unless Richard has a Leadership For Dummies speed class ready for him, Locke is destined to doom them all. In my not so humble opinion, of course. :o)