Monday, June 23, 2008

Mummy Penny?

I heard this one on Jay and Jack too. Why didn't they leave Aaron with Penny and avoid the whole Kate was 6 months pregnant when the Marshall picked her up lie?


Capcom said...

Good question. I guess that there are other plans for D&P. I basically don't like Aaron ending up with Kate in general. In reality, a person doesn't usually immediately go from being a self-centered drifter to a committed mom overnight, especially when it's not even their's a big stretch for me to believe that part of the story.

maven said...

I thought the same thing. Plus Aaron would be safe on Penny's boat...who really knew where the O6 would end up. Plus (again) Kate's legal problems. If he was left with Penny there wouldn't be any questions thrown at Kate. But I guess the island/Ben/Locke/Jacob has plans for where Aaron should be. They had to stay together as a group?

memphish said...

Grrr! Blogger ate my comment!

It's clear to me that they gave Aaron to Kate so that Kate would have some storyline other than Kate in Jail or 3 more years of Kate on the Run (which would make NO ONE happy). Also, I guess that left them open back at the time of Eggtown to decide how the O6 got rescued. Would it be Penny? Or some other player?

But in the real world, ;-) Penny would be much more likely to have adopted this poor baby. Just think Angelina Jolie.

Capcom said...

Heh, yeah, rich serial mom. :-)

I agree, TPTB needed to do it this way for their story...but it's not very believable. IMNSHO, it's even less believable than a cosmic frozen donkey wheel turned by polar bears.