Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Is Ben Using The O6 To Kill Penny?

I guess Ben wouldn't really need all the O6 per se to find Penny, but could Ben's game plan be merely using the O6 to get his Widmore revenge and even possibly eliminate the O6 themselves in the process? After all none of them were on "the list." If you turn the wheel, you can't go back (and why would Ben have lied to Locke at that point?), does Ben have a different plan altogether?


Lost 2010 said...

I don't think he 'needs' any of them to find Penny except maybe Jack. I think he's found a chink (or at the point in question - gaping hole) in Jack's armor. Jack wants to do what Locke said and go back to the island. Locke's gone so he can't clarify exactly what he meant. So Ben takes advantage of the situation.

He impresses upon Jack that they ALL have to go back. He tells Jack that he'll take care of getting Sun and Kate to come - he just needs to round up everyone else.

Desmond and Penny know they need to hide from Ben, but maybe they wouldn't think there was nearly as much risk in meeting up with Jack if he came looking for them. For Ben's purposes, he doesn't need them to agree to go back - he just needs Jack to draw them out of hiding to give him his opportunity to snag Penny.

The part I can't quite work out is how Ben found out Desmond survived to begin with. He was on the freighter - the freighter blew up. Juliet and Sawyer seemed to assume the people thereon were dead - so you'd figure Locke would too. So who broke ranks and told Ben that Desmond survived?

memphish said...

I don't think we do know Ben knows for sure about Desmond's survival or Penny's assistance.

But I'd guess that Sayid may have told Ben about Penny and Desmond. Sayid thinks Penny's dad killed Nadia. In a weak moment Sayid may have said to Ben, but she's so nice, she and Desmond are such a cute couple, how could her dad be so evil or some such dialogue.

Ben also clearly knows the O6 story is full of crap as any quick Google search would demonstrate. Again I'd guess Sayid told him some version of the truth.

maven said...

I don't think we actually saw Ben knowing about Des and Penny. But, we all know that Ben seems to be all-knowing and he always has a plan. I don't think that getting all the O6 back to the island is essential to getting Penny.

Sayid does seem to be the one most likely to spill the beans to Ben that Desmond survived and they were rescued by Penny's boat. That does appear very plausible to me, Memphish.

memphish said...

It dawns on me that Sayid may not know about Alex's death and the form it took. But then again, Hurley knows about it and the fat guy can't keep a secret. Still Hurley was the only O6 to witness that.

Lost 2010 said...

Sayid also seems like the person who is most likely to have cornered each O6 and debriefed them on Penny's Boat. In other words, the most likely person to have a big picture understanding of what happened on the island.

Do we think Ben is still in communication with the island somehow? If anyone knew how to communicate with the ones left behind, it'd be Ben.