Friday, July 11, 2008

Another Thought About Claire

So I really hate the idea that Claire died in the rocket blast on her house and has been a walking zombie ever since. So I have another idea. What if the shots given to Claire first by Ethan and then Juliet have heightened Claire's "specialness" which allows her to see Christian? I'd also argue that in the cabin Claire has been given more Ethan style happy juice, possibly as an additional accompaniment to more of these shots.

Now who else do we know has had similar shots? Well, a young Dharma Initiative child named Ben who just happens to see his dead mother on the Island. I'd argue that whatever is in these shots heightened Ben's specialness as well. Did the Dharma Initiative know what it was up to with these shots? Much as in the case of time traveling bunnies perhaps they had a rudimentary understanding, but were incapable of conceiving of such grand results in a certain chosen few.

And who else had those shots? Desmond -- a guy who kept seeing a dead Charlie before he was dead. Maybe in Desmond's case the combined effect of the shots and turning the failsafe key crossed his wires so that he also saw dead people only future, not current dead people.


Capcom said...

I hate that thought too, it's too easy. More intriguing is if she's still alive and turned into a willing-captive somehow. But how?

Which moves to your next thought, which sounds pretty good. There has been needle-poking all over this island, and it has to mean something! To bad Charlie's not alive to compare with, since he gave himself the shots before she gave them to Aaron. And what about Aaron's shots?

Lost 2010 said...

Of course it was after Desmond stopped taking the shots that he had his visions. What if the purpose of the shots is to suppress the effects of the island?

Capcom said...

Yes, I've often wondered if the "vaccine" is to counter the effects of the island, be it the "sickness", visions, the magnetism messing with the iron in their blood :o) or whatever. Or just to suppress the DHARMA drones in some way.

memphish said...

Maybe it has different effects on different people like Mittlewerk's vaccine. In some it suppresses their receptivity and in others it heightens it. It depends on if you're "special." I still want to know what all the Others did to Walt.