Thursday, July 03, 2008

What Explains The 2 Photos?

Any new ideas about how we end up with 2 Desmond/Penny photos?


Lost 2010 said...

I tend to lean toward either slightly altered timelines or Penny's "lots of money" that can get her hands on anything.

memphish said...

I think I'd prefer a Penny chased the photo guy down and had another copy made somehow explanation to the dual timelines explanation. I'd also kind of like to see how Widmore or his underlings got their hands on the photo to copy it for Naomi.

I tend to forget that Naomi's cover story was looking for Desmond. That tends to suggest to me that Widmore would not have been surprised to learn that they came across Desmond on the Island. In fact, you'd think there might be a Widmore spy on Island, say Goodwin that was informing Widmore of things like the fact that Desmond was there and how to neutralize the Tempest.

maven said...

I tend to go with the "anybody and scan a photo and make a copy" and/or the photo guy got bought off and gave up the negative (oh, no...I've dated negatives any more? LOL).

Agreed, Memphish: If Naomi had that photo and was looking for Desmond (and supposedly sent by Widmore), then Widmore must have had info that Desmond was there. Maybe it was a set up all along, since he most likely orchestrated the sailing race that resulted in Desmond getting to the island.