Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Why Isn't Widmore Satisfied?

At the end of Season 4 Widmore has everything he wanted right? Ben is alive and off the Island. That was the stated goal. Now clearly Widmore is NOT satisfied, or he wouldn't be sleeping with his MacCutcheon.

So what's wrong Chuck? What was your real game? Was it also your mission to kill Alpert and all the natives? Is that what's got you up at night? Were you supposed to regain control over the Island? To what end? Are you working on solving the Valenzetti Equation problem or something else?


maven said...

Well, his sleepless nights are probably because he really doesn't control Ben. And he most likely can't get back to the island to control whatever is so important to him there. There's a lot of unfinished business (and scheming).

Capcom said...

I wonder about this too. And your ideas are good Maven. Maybe the one thing that a gazillionaire really needs is to have his own way. To be able to call the shots on whatever it is he wants to call the shots on. He doesn't have his island back yet, and it's probably bugging the crud out of him. It would be funny if there is actually someone above him in the hierarchy who is putting the screws to him too, about not getting control of the island yet.

Or, it's something much more complicated. Although now he's going to be losing sleep over worrying about Penny too I suppose.

memphish said...

This plan of Widmore's to take Ben and torch the Island kind of ranks up there to me with Ben's complicated "take the dreaded triangle and get the blonde that looks like the surgeon's ex-wife to convince the surgeon to want to operate on me" plan. We never really saw any evidence that Widmore wanted to gain or regain control of the Island or what he planned to do with Ben.

But whatever it was he planned to do with Ben, he doesn't make any sort of move to apprehend him there in the bedroom. You'd think he might have some sort of panic button or "bring me the man from Tallahassee" code for "the bug-eyed bastard is in my bedroom."

You'd also think that if Widmore was the one who took out Nadia and now Sayid is taking out people who work with Widmore, why isn't someone taking out the O6? Or is the Island protecting them? Oooh, I like that. Will we see the O6 narrowly escape horrible accidents? In fact was it Sayid, not Nadia who was supposed to be wherever it was that Nadia was killed?

Lost 2010 said...

That's pretty good - if the island wouldn't let Michael die because it wasn't done with him yet - why not the O6?

I figured Widmore was upset because all his friends and colleagues were dying around him at Ben's direction. Plus, his daughter has disappeared with Desmond and if he can't find her - - that would worry you - not being sure if your daughter was alive or dead.

In that case having Ben show up and express his plan to kill her would comfort in an odd sort of way because you'd know he hadn't gotten to her yet.

Capcom said...

Memphish, what do you mean that we've seen no evidence that Widmore wants the island in any way? I don't understand.

"As seen in a video tape, Widmore brutally beat a blindfolded, unnamed Other, purportedly in his efforts to extract information about the location of the Island. ("The Other Woman")

According to documentary evidence Tom presented Michael, Widmore had purchased a Boeing 777 fuselage and disinterred 324 graves in Thailand to create staged wreckage of Oceanic Flight 815 in the Sunda Trench. ("Meet Kevin Johnson")

Widmore sent the Kahana to find the Island, hiring Captain Gault to head up the expedition. He hired Martin Keamy to lead a mercenary team...Keamy's orders were to breach the Island, locate and retrieve Benjamin Linus...Widmore was unsuccessful with the Kahana expedition...Widmore was confronted by Ben in his London penthouse...Widmore claimed the Island was stolen from him. Widmore mused that the hunt was on... for both of them. ("The Shape of Things to Come")"

Am I reading too much into it in interpretting this and other clues to mean that Widmore wants to gain control of the island for some reason? I know that what Ben said to Locke (after the video), and what Tom said to Mike, could be just their slant on Wid's intentions, but I thought that's what Find815 was implying as well. ????? :-) Tx.

memphish said...

Capcom, We see Widmore's guy beat up someone, but it's someone we've never seen before. We only have Ben's story about who it is, and Ben is a proven liar where as Widmore's veracity is unproven to us the viewer. Same for Tom's documentation. I could fake that, and I don't have photoshop. :D

The main thing about the freighter is that the plan we've seen is take Ben and kill everyone else. We've seen nothing like "then inform Widmore so that he can move there and live happily ever after." As far as we've been shown, Widmore's plan was to take Ben and leave the area leaving the Island as it is, though denuded of people.

As for Find815, again we still don't know that it was Widmore and not Ben driven. There was a document from the Widmore corporation about the Black Rock, but it could easily have been stolen. And it was to find a ship in the Indian Ocean, not an Island in the Pacific, so it's again questionable what exactly to read into that.

Capcom said...