Thursday, July 17, 2008

What Question Would You Ask At ComicCon?

Anyone whose read my posts over at The Lost Community could probably guess that my number 1 question for Damon and Carlton is:

What the heck is the wreckage of 815 doing in the Indian Ocean northwest of Australia when it was flying from Sydney to LA, a northeast route, and why the heck aren't the families of the almost 320 non-6 raising a giant stink about this?

And another thing I want to know is: What's happened to the cloaking device/storm around the Island that is evident when Naomi arrives, when the Freighties first come to the Island and in The Constant, but does not seem to be present after that as the Zodiac goes back and forth (and don't give me the heading crap; you try steering a 305 course in a Zodiac on the ocean and see how easy it is), the helicopter goes back and forth and the freighter is visible from the Island?

And finally, what's up with Horace's dream ghost telling Locke he'd been dead 12 years and Alex being 16?  Was a) Horace wrong on the dates, as ghosts are wont to be; or b) did Danielle survive the purge?

So if you got to go to ComicCon and you got to ask a question what would it be?


Redrabbitblue said...

You are so write Memphish on th Zodiac point my father has a 32 foot fishing boat and I've tried to stay on a coarse it aint happening! A smaller baot would be even harder I'd imagine.
Good stumper for the Cusaloff Duo!

Redrabbitblue said...

sorry for the awfull spelling I posted before a read thru :) Th spelled the Boat spelled Boat thinks that it for the red ink corrections:)

Capcom said...

Roger that, about the freckage and the families and press not raising heck about it!

" try steering a 305 course in a Zodiac on the ocean", and without a compass even! Maybe your hair starts to stand on end if you get too far off course, so you go by that! :-D

I wondered if maybe the storm was somehow caused on demand (by someone at some controls...the Tempest?) when the Others knew that something or someone was on it's way. Like, uh-oh, Widmore's at it again, turn on the tempest...literally. Cuz other times, there is no storm at all. I was surprised that Juliet and Sawyer could see the freighter wreck from the beach. I guess you can see out but not in?

Lost 2010 said...

I was thinking Desmond moved the boat closer in to shore - but then the freighter should have come through the storm, shouldn't it.

That's an excellent question - I'd love to hear them explain it.

Capcom said...

Right Lost2010. And then that begs the question, how close you can get to the island before you reach the (sometimes off, sometimes on) storm.