Monday, July 28, 2008

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I am so far behind in reading LOST related stuff you would not believe it. I still haven't read all of Doc Jensen's finale review! And if TLE II really kicks off in the next few days I may never get there, but . . .

With 6 more months to go until Season 5 (and frankly 6 sounds so much better than 8) I have no fear that by the time Episode 5.1 gets here I'll be ready.

In the meantime, here's a fun thing to discuss: The Top 30 WFT?! Moments In LOST History. This blogger has even included clips. I'll just hit my personal highlights.

#29 -- I was spoiled by Entertainment Weekly, but Kate's look in discovering Jack playing football in Othersville was priceless.

A lot of Jess, the blogger's, later WTF moments come from Seasons 1 and 2. Those would rank higher for me. For example, the first time I found out Ethan wasn't on the manifest for example was a total shocker for me and would rank in my personal Top 10.

Jess's #11, the world finding 815 does not rate as a WTF moment for me, at least not when it occurred in Season 4. Now when Naomi first mentioned it in Season 3--that rated a WTF, though I'd put it in the 20s.

#10 -- Michael shooting Ana Lucia and Libby. This was one of the giant ones for me. I could not sleep the night after that aired. And I couldn't make myself re-watch the episode for a while knowing it was coming. In an episode where I felt certain that Ana Lucia would die, the execution (literally) of this story left me speechless and completely unsettled.

#9 -- The end of Walkabout. This is where it all started for me. When it turned out Locke was in a wheelchair I could not get the next disc of Season 1 fast enough (yeah, I didn't watch Season 1 live.) I tell people who want to jump on the LOST bandwagon now to watch Disc 1 of Season 1, and if you aren't hooked by the end of Walkabout, this show is not for you.

#4-#8 don't really qualify as the big WTF moments for me. For some reason Locke being in the coffin just has not ignited me the way other things have. I'm sure it's probably my wanting it to be Michael as I had thought most of the past year has something to do with that.  But still the prospect of a Season 6 with no Locke or zombie Locke leaves me making a face. And not a good face.

Finally, I can buy Jess's Top 3. I can't wait to find out WTF happened when Ben turned that wheel. I can't make myself re-watch Tom Friendly say "we're gonna have to take the boy." As the mother of a boy that gives me too many chills, and even though I grew to like Tom, I don't regret Sawyer killing him for that reason. And finally, the S3 finale. I loved, loved, loved that moment. I bit hook, line and sinker and I hope TPTB will get me again and again in the remaining 34 hours.

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Lost 2010 said...

My favorite will always be Sawyer killing the polar bear. I started watching when they re-ran the second half of the pilot about half way through the first season. I never even saw the 1st half of the pilot, walkabout, or Solitary until sometime right before Season 2 and of course all those big surprises weren't surprises by then.

I'm with you on the coffin moment. Locke being dead was more of a letdown than anything. But I had a similar reaction to finding out Jack was a drunk in the future. Disappointed more than shocked.