Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Who Decided Alex Could Die?

Another idea from Lost Unlocked -- did Widmore specifically tell Keamy that he could kill Alex (or any child of Ben's) or was it Keamy's brilliant idea to kill Alex as leverage? In other words, was it Widmore who really changed the rules, or Keamy?


maven said...

I just think that Widmore gave Keamy carte blanche to do whatever it takes to get Ben. And Keamy definitely seems the sort of guy that just loves what he's doing and, most likely, takes great pleasure in being the tough guy in charge causing people to squirm. He seems to have no morals...the perfect person for Widmore's goals.

Lost 2010 said...

I wonder if it matters that Alex wasn't really Ben's daughter. If the island protects you and all your kin after you've been the chosen one - does adoption 'count' for the island's rules?

Capcom said...

Perhaps Widmore said to Keamy, "Do whatever it takes," not thinking that he would take him literally and kill Alex?

Then again, it just seemed like Keamy was on a mercenarial adrenalin train and was going to run over whatever or whomever got in his way.