Monday, July 14, 2008

Can You Get To The Island On Purpose?

I've been thinking about how Damon and Carlton have referred to the Island as being a land like Narnia or Wonderland or Oz, and that makes me wonder if Jack and Ben's scheming to return to the Island has any chance for success.

The Pevensie children could not get to Narnia unless Narnia wanted them get there. For example, the wardrobe itself wasn't always open. Lucy got through, then later when she showed her siblings she just found a back wall, and later again they were able to get to Narnia through the Wardrobe. But by the end of that episode the Wardrobe is no longer a viable portal to Narnia.

In later trips they get to Narnia from a subway platform, a train coach, looking at a painting in a bedroom and hiding in the woods. The one key was that until Narnia wanted them they weren't able to get there no matter how much they wanted to go.

The same is true with Alice and her adventures in Wonderland. She gets there once through a rabbit hole and once through a looking glass, but she never seems to be able to recreate her visits to Wonderland.

And of course there's arrival here:

Again, unplanned and unreproducable, much like this:

Now that I think about Jack's idea of flying around the Pacific is probably a pretty good one, because much like the fictional lands of Narnia, Wonderland and Oz, getting to the Island may be more something that it decides than someplace you decide to travel to.


maven said...

Good thoughts, Memphish. But didn't Ben and Tom and Richard seem to come and go whenever they wanted or needed to? Ben had his secret room with travel money and ID. Richard was there recruiting future Chosen Ones and Other employees. Tom left enough times to have his "special relationships" while doing surveillance work.

I guess your talking about when the island was "moved" and how to find it again. But it must have been moved in it's history (maybe when Widmore was there), and once that happens, getting back is another story.

pgtbeauregard said...

If the island only moved in time, and not in space, then it should be easy for Ben to find the island.

However, if it's moved in both time and space, Ben's going to have a hard time finding it unless he knows exactly where it is (which I have a feeling he may since he's always one step ahead of everyone else)

Good posts this past week!

Capcom said...

True Maven, but all that travel happened when things were running relatively smoothly for the Others, right? Now there's no sub (for Ben), no beacon (asusming it blew up with the elec/, etc.

Ben must know where the island mostly pops up when they move it, if that's the case, like PGT said. I guess it's just a matter of Ben hi-jacking the right plane to get there. :-)

It would not ruin the show for me if TPTB told us this detail in the first episode of the next season. :-)

Capcom said...

BTW, nice illustrations! :-)

Lost 2010 said...

Ben said as much didn't he - back when he first introduced Locke to the concept of Jacob - something about how you don't go to Jacob - he calls you or something like that.