Thursday, July 10, 2008

Were The Four-Toed People Time Travellers?

I read H.G. Wells The Time Machine back in April of course looking for clues about LOST. I have to say from a literary standpoint I did not enjoy this book. Like Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad it's essentially a 100 page recitation of what happens to one completely undeveloped character. In fact, the character doesn't even have a name, he is merely The Time Traveller.

The Time Traveller builds a time machine in his home that allows him to move in time though not in the other three dimensions of space. The Time Traveller looks forward to what he can learn from the future. He expects great innovation and peace. Instead he finds technology-less imbeciles who cower in the darkness as buildings crumble around them coupled with carnivorous tunnel-dwellers. Once he manages to escape a cannibalized fate he can't get back to his own time fast enough.

Having now seen the hieroglyph surrounded donkey wheel, my question is did the 4-toed people make a similar trip into our time? Like the Time Traveller, were the ancient Island people so repulsed by the backwardness of society in our day that they gave up on time travel? And what's more did they give up on attempting to survive as a race given this horrible future abandoning the Island to Dharma and its likes, or will we still meet a 4-toed person?

One final note -- when the Time Traveller time travelled he and his device disappeared from his house and it returned to the same physical space once he got back to our time.  This is similar to what many think happened to the Island when Ben turned the wheel.  The big question then is how will the Island get back to our time and will it require someone (Locke?) to operate the device again to accomplish that feat?  [And if this is indeed the case it still makes me wonder why Widmore doesn't just stake out that ocean location until it reappears.]


Capcom said...

Interesting thought. Jacob a 4-toed leftover of the time-traveling ancients who somehow didn't quite make it back to his own time, and that's why he doesn't like technology? And needs help getting back to his own time?

Me too, I was wondering why Wid can't just find the island again in the future when it appears there. There must be some explanation, but it makes my head spin trying to figure out the time progression and possibility.

Good post. :-)

Capcom said...

I meant to say that Jacob doesn't like OUR technology and how we use it. Their's might be better utilized and purposed.

Lost 2010 said...

We don't know that Widmore didn't have that spot staked out. Maybe that IS the bad thing that happened. Ben moved the island - it popped forward in time to 2005 just like Ben did. Only Widmore did have it staked out ready to do those bad things - - Locke, being Locke, panicked and moved the island again. He popped out in 2007 or so and immediately starts chasing down Jack and co. to try and get back to the island.

I'm sure that's not it, but it's a possibility.

If that's the case, then a relatively short time could have passed on the island while the 3 years or so passed in the outside world.

memphish said...

I like that idea Lost2010. I wonder if Locke and Alpert et al will be able to recloak the Island.