Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Does Hurley See Dead People?

I heard this on Lost Unlocked. First one listener posited the idea that Hurley is like Miles and sees dead people. That explains how he sees Charlie, Mr. Eko and on Island Christian Shephard. The listener further posited that Dave is dead and that's why Hurley sees him too. He's not seeing an imaginary friend, just a dead guy.

Feedback on the idea took it even further speculating that Dave was Libby's husband and the reason that Hurley sees him both on the Island and at Santa Rosa is that Dave is haunting Libby, but Hurley sees dead people, so he sees him at Santa Rosa and on the Island. Dave might also have driven Hurley to try to kill himself on Island to keep him away from his wife Libby.

So what do you think?


Capcom said...

FWIW, according to BuddyTV, via Lostpedia: "Damon Lindelof: As to Libby’s ex, that’s an entirely different David we may or may not meet in the future."

memphish said...

How boring! :D

Capcom said...

I know! But at least they gave us one answer out of a zillion. :-) I like the idea that maybe Dave was haunting Libby and Hurley, like sort of a double hit.

pgtbeauregard said...


Hurley does "see" an awful lot of people who should be dead. Christian, Eko and Charlie are all "island dead", and that's who he's seen so far.

TPTB are leaving us hanging on whether or not he's hallucinating, or really seeing them. We know that other folks have seen CS, but no one else has claimed to see Eko or Charlie.

Was Locke hallucinating when he saw Claire and CS? Further more, are they both "dead"?

good thoughts Memphish