Monday, July 21, 2008

Bentham's Mission

Time for back to basics.  I'm looking at some S4 finale things and notice that apparently Locke's mission when he came back to "our world" was to convince Jack and Kate if not the rest of the O6 to come back to the Island.  So here's some questions:

I guess this means that I think Locke did NOT turn the donkey wheel. I'd guess in his attempts to get Jack, Kate and Aaron to return to the Island Locke thought he himself could return to the Island.

I also wonder why someone would kill Locke, but not Jack, Kate and Aaron which doesn't seem like it would be that difficult. Jack tells Kate he wants to go back to keep Aaron and Kate safe. Safe from whom? Safe from the people who just killed Locke? Who killed Nadia? More Kate on the run. Gee. Can't wait for that. (Read with great sarcasm.)


maven said...

I'm thinking that once the FDW is turned and the island is moved those left on the island can come and go from the new location. They would be the only ones who know where it is now. In the past, the island could not be located (by people like Widmore), but Ben and Co. seemed to come and go easily. So maybe Locke and Co. and easily come and go, too.

Lost 2010 said...

Wasn't there a locator beacon or something spoken of back before Desmond turned the key? I guess I'm thinking that Locke and co. got the locator beacon working again.

I sometimes wonder if it's as simple as knowing that the people left on the island might be holding a grudge against Jack or Ben, but if you take them all as a unit - everyone left on the island has at least one person in the O6 +2 that they'd never hurt.