Friday, October 05, 2007

Cindy Theories

Following up yesterday's post, it's time for your theories
about Cindy. I think its very clear from Abandoned
that Cindy is fearful of the people who've taken the rest
of the Tailies. Here's her dialogue:

Cindy: Ana, it's got to be over an hour. Shouldn't we
start moving again?
Cindy: Yeah, but what if they come?
Cindy: What?
Cindy: How many were there?
Cindy: Shhhh.
Cindy: Ana's right, maybe we should just push on.

Other than "What?" all of those lines indicate she
doesn't want the Others to find them and she's willing
to sacrifice Sawyer for herself.

But by the time we see her in Season 3 (I will avoid the
name of that dread episode) Cindy is "one of them."
I know, I know it's complicated. So what happened
with Cindy?

I'm assuming her name wasn't on the list that Ana
will recover in the next episode or they would have
mentioned it. So why take her a mile from the Fusies
beach when the only other people they've taken from
that camp were Claire and Charlie?

My guess is that once they got Zach and Emma they
figured out they needed Cindy much like they figured
out they needed Michael after leaving him to be
eaten by sharks. Oh how my ideas about the mighty
Others have changed from the silent, all-powerful people
to those who have to keep changing the plan because
they hadn't given it enough forethought.


pgtbeauregard said...

This is probably wrong, but I've always believed that Cindy wasn't taken, but left on her own at an appointed time and place. Although, if she was in contact with the others, then she should have been the one to get the teddy bear.

By SIASL, it's obvious she is at least considered okay in their camp.

Cool_Freeze said...

I dont know what is going on with Cindy. There were whispers and then she was gone. She could be a detective of sorts.


pgtbeauregard said...

Just another thought - if the plane was meant to crash, maybe Cindy is part of the others on the freighter, and she was supposed to infiltrate the Others. Way out there I know, but it just came to me.

capcom said...

Interesting about connecting Cindy to Season 4 in that way! We have so many scenarios with Cindy, it's hard. If 815 was meant to somehow crash on the island (now via even the Time Lords' wishes) she could be a plant on any team (the Others, etc.) and not just a mere stewardess. And if she was an Other, she could have slunk away into a hole in the hill when they were climbing it. If she was just a castaway, I would like to know how she got to the "It's complicated" part, aside from just the usual Room 23 spa treatment time. :-)

Amused2bHere said...

Yeah, that is one of the mysteries that I want answers to.

That, and the four-toed statue.

Oh, and the smoke monster.

I'm not greedy. I just want everything!

maven said...

Cindy is a very confusing character. Hopefully, we will get more info on her in the future.

If she was a plant on Oceanic 815, she was sure convincing in the Tailies camp. She did seem as fearful of what or who else was on the island as any one of the Tailies were. But, when we saw her with the Others, she seemed very at ease there. Maybe it's a little of the "Stockholm Syndrome" (what Patty Hearst went through)...she begins to take the side of her captors. Maybe they offered her safety and the comforts of home and convinced her what they were doing was the good thing.

capcom said...

I'll buy the Stockholm Syndrome too, if she is a true castaway and not a plant. I bet that anyone who has been through a horrific ordeal like crashing on a deserted island would be very susceptible to appreciating and compromising with whomever saved them from their severe situation. And who knows in what ways old silver-tongued Ben could have flattered her into drinking the koolaid.

capcom said...

I was just reading Cindy's words again and thought that on the other hand, perhaps she might be rushing them on to a specific point where the Others would be. Either so she could disappear (which she did) and/or where the Others could grab another person. You know, like Magua did in The Last Of The Mohicans movie, keeping them from stopping to rest so that the ambush could happen at the chosen point? Just a thought.

memphish said...

I figure if the Others did take Cindy or if she left on her own, she probably disappeared into one of the hidey holes we saw Alex use with Kate and Sawyer. Watching her in the episode she seemed genuinely frightened of what the Others might do, but your point about Magua Capcom could be right as well. She was spurring them on, though she never takes the role of leader/navigator and in fact the decision to take that route was Eko's because of Sawyer's worsening condition. So in the end, I think the Others decided they wanted her to take care of Zach and Emma so one or two of them took her when everyone else was distracted. Then I'd imagine just the opportunity to bathe and take care of the kids and possibly a brief stint in Room 23 produced the S3 Cindy we saw.

Thanks for all the comments everyone.