Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Who's Your Favorite Character?

As I've been re-watching Season 1 and Season 2, I've also
been re-listening to old podcasts. On the now defunct
Transmission podcast a listener asked Ryan and Jen about
their favorite character and it got me thinking. Who is
your favorite character and has it changed over the course
of the three seasons?

For me it's definitely changed season to season. In Season 1
Locke was my favorite. Like Charlie I thought their only
hope was Locke. By the end of Season 2 Jack was my favorite.
We were heading into what seemed to be a kicking butt and
taking names phase and at least until he was captured by
The Others, late Season 2 Jack was large and in charge. Now
post-Season 3 I'd say my favorite character is Ben. I know
it's wrong for my favorite to be the evil genius with the
bug eyes, but when Ben's on screen, you just can't look away.
Okay, so I was yelling for Jack to kill Ben during
Through the Looking Glass, but that was because I
thought he'd killed Sayid, Jin and Bernard. But it was a
psych out, so Ben remains my current favorite character.
What about you?


maven said...

I'm with you, Memphish. Ben is now my favorite. The bad guy (or is he the good guy? LOL) always seems to have more depth and nuances. Although, over time our Losties are changing. Locke is still a very intriguing character with a lot of interesting baggage. Jack would also fit that bill. But it's so much fun to watch Ben in action, and those eyes just grab ya!

capcom said...

For me it was in Season1-Locke, Season2-Dez, and Season3-Hurley (and Dez, and Juliet in that order if I can have three). Ben has certainly been the strongest character, ever since he was Fenry. And even though Dez was a bit weak in S3, I am still intrigued by his backstory and what is happening to him now as a time traveler. It's also compelling to me how Juliet has seemingly overcompensated for her former doormat personality, with a new forcefullness that maybe has swung too far to the other side -- and she's stuck between a rock and the hard place in complying with Ben's orders (to try to get off the island) against her own moral compass. But Hurley of course has been the proverbial unsung hero of S3 for me. He has thrown off his insecurities, helped others to shed theirs, and taken positive actions in spite of the odds whenever possible.

pgtbeauregard said...

Locke was my overall fav in S1. Then he turned kind of creepy in S2, so Jack became my favorite, and still throughout S3 he remained, even with his funny Jack faces.

Hurley is my second for the entire three seasons.

Amused2bHere said...

You're making us put it into words? Hmmm...

I really love Juliet. She's in an impossible situation, and yet coping. She's become strong because she's had to, but she's not gotten so jaded that she won't collaborate with Jack. She's my favorite character from S3.

But overall, I would have to say my favorite is Sawyer. Sawyer is a tortured soul, a little boy who is angry and hurt, still desperately grieving for his mom and dad, crying out for love but afraid to come out from under the bed. My heart goes out to him, and maybe it's the mommy in me but I just want to wrap my arms around him and tell him everything's gonna be ok. (Ok, and the fact that he's hunky might have something to do with it too!)
His nicknames are too funny, and among him, Charlie and Hurley they get the best lines! (Gee, I miss Charlie!)

I can see Juliet with Jack, but I can also see Juliet with Hurley, believe it or not. Would that be Hurliet?

capcom said...

Waaaaaaaaa! OK, now I'm all teary about Sawyer Amused! You are so right.

Wow, I didn't think that anyone like Juliet besides me!

Elizabeth said...

Desmond and Sawyer.