Monday, October 08, 2007

Whatever Happened To The Love Shack?

Sayid is a regular Bob the Builder. This photo does
not do justice to the quality construction that was
the love shack Sayid built for Shannon. Wouldn't you
think that Nikki and Paolo would have dumped Arzt's
spider central for these palatial digs?


capcom said...

Funny. They could have used Sayid's Taj Mahal instead of Jack's tent, for the deleted scene activities. :-)

takes a village said...

Maybe Sayid used camouflage,and N&P thought it was just a sand dune.

memphish said...

LOL Takes A Village. I bet that's exactly what happened. That or once he finally recovered from his gun shot, Sawyer took it for parts.

capcom said...

Too funny Village! :-)