Monday, October 15, 2007

Who Stamped Quarrantine on The
Arrow Hatch Door and Why?

Why would the Arrow Hatch need to be stamped "Quarrantine"
on the inside? Everything we've learned about the Arrow
so far, including the fact that there may be multiple Arrows
around the Island suggests that they are mere storage
facilities. There are no beds, not even any desks or
computers to suggest that people manned the Arrow full time.

So who would that warning be directed to? Why warn
at all since during DI's time everyone seemed to move about
the Island relatively freely? And there's been no
indication that the Arrow was ever used by DI or the
Others post-Purge as evidenced by the lack of supplies such
as food for the Tailies.

My best guess is that this is in fact an error. At this
point in the series not all the details of how the Stations
worked had been decided and since the Swan had quarrantine
signs the set designers gave the Arrow one has well. Still
it stood out to me so I thought I'd point it out to you.

Or it could be Radzinsky's handiwork. He likes to paint
after all.


capcom said...

This is a very good observation Memphish! One of my theories about the quarantine signs and the vaccine is that it was because of the theory that Smokey possibly went out of control at some point. Assuming that it ever was in control that is. There seems to be certain areas where Smokey goes and others where he doesn't or can't. So perhaps stations in these areas had the sign on the inside of the doors to remind people not to go out without some kind of protocol. The vaccines might be something that keeps Smokey from reading your mind (blocking some level of waves in your brain?), and therefore might leave you alone if he can't read you. Maybe you just seem like plant material to Smokey if he can't sense your mind/heart/conscious/etc.

Of course, there are many contradictory points from events that have happened that can shoot this right down, but that's one of my thoughts on this.

memphish said...

Capcom, your comment reminds me of something else I noticed from our Tailie time. The Tailies never encountered Smokey. No trees being knocked down; no chittering smoke; no smoke turning into a fist and slamming people into trees. Nor I guess was Smokey a threat at or on the way to Yurt Village. I can't draw any conclusions from these observations, but it is interesting.

I guess the fact that Ben sent Ethan and Goodwin to the beaches also means that Ben does not have any control over Smokey and the info. it collects. Smokey was at the main beach Night 1 and Day 2 and at the cockpit Day 2. If Smokey's not gathering evidence and judging people at the behest of Ben that leaves him as a)rogue or b) under Jacob or someone else's control. While rogue is probably easier to get away with, I hope it's b and that we'll get a cool storyline before 2010 that finally explains to us what Smokey's been up to.

Ange said...

This might sound silly, but maybe the doors came from somewhere else, or were mislabeled. Sort of like when you get a box of the wrong floor tiles mixed in with your order from the home store.

Maybe when they were building the hatches the doors were marked like that and needed to be for the outsides of some hatches. Rather than send the rest back, they just flipped the word inward? Maybe it is designed to show us that things were all built around the same time, and the materials all came fromt he same supplier. Otherwise I couldn't imagine why they would quarrantine the inside of a storage facility...unless it was because the things being stored were not to be removed from the hatch.

Paula Abdul Alhazred said...

Methinks Radzinsky put it there as a joke. I'm betting Radzinsky and Mikhail had a secret DHARMA/Other friendship that no one else could know about. They'd hang out at the Arrow, drink some Swan beer and vodka, talk about how awesome it is to be Russian and how silly all of their friends are. Radzinsky met Mikhail by using the computer to communicate with the Flame, which is why he cut out the warning from the Orientation film and left it in the Arrow. In turn, Mikhail left his glass eye there one day. But then, they were caught and couldn't be friends anymore. So sad! It's sort of like "Brokeback Mountain" but without the, you know.

capcom said...

Heheh, I like these ideas. :o)

Radzinsky's map hints at the stations at one time being connected (before being disconnected as the crossed out sections of his map imply) to a hub station. So if the signs were intentional and did mean something (fake or real) you would want to put it on the inside of all the hatches that were near the critical areas. So regardless of whether the Arrow is storage, if you came from another station to the Arrow thru the tunnels, you might still want to label the inside of that hatch as well. But again, delving deeper into the many additional "ifs and butts", shoots that theory to heck.

I also sometimes get the feeling that if the quarantines and vaccines were fake and totally groundless, that they were used by the DI as a controlling factor in keeping people in line and obeying the rules by deception, as we know they are very capable of.

memphish said...

PAA that's hilarious. I was thinking more along the lines that Radzinsky knew that Kelvin was on the way and he decided he didn't want to share the Island with him so he came up with the Quarrantine idea. He used the Arrow door to test his painting ability, and satisfied with it painted the Swan as well.

Actually Ange's idea that the doors all came that way is probably more correct because the first time we see that marking is the door blown off the hinges that was above a broken ladder. If the Quarrantine was added after construction and Swan deterioration it would have been tricky to paint it there.

I know this is all pretty irrelevant stuff, but as PAA states eloquently in the latest at The Totally Amazing Lost Blog ow Awesomness what else have we got to talk about?