Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I just watched What Kate Did and I'm more confused than
ever when it comes to this Island and what's going on. Is
this horse seen by Kate alone at the beginning of the episode
when she hasn't had any sleep and has been worried about
Sawyer Smokey?

How about "Why did you kill me?" Wayne-channeling Sawyer?
Something happened to lead to Sawyer being on the ground.
Just crazy Kate or more?

And what about the black horse seen by both Kate and Sawyer
and actually touched by Kate? By the way, I think it neighed
backwards. Just kidding.

In all, okay more, seriousness, Smokey has had past run-ins
with Kate both in The Pilot and in the S1 finale. So is this
horse the smoke monster in the form of a horse or is it one
of the Others' horses on the loose? Is it the same horse that
appeared in the flashback setting Kate free to run from the
Marshal? Or is it just a similar horse like Sayid's cat in S3?
Finally, if the horse in the flashback permitted Kate to run
why does she now interpret its appearance as permission to
stop running?

There have been recent discussions regarding Mrs. Hawking's
time rules and Damon Lindelof's statement that they apply.
I wish we had someone to elaborate on the rules of Smokey.


capcom said...

As for the horse, I'm sticking with your "roaming wormhole" theory Memphish! I get a picture in my head of a wormhole just spinning invisibly around the island like a little "dust devil" tornado, and every time it bumps into someone, it fetches what they are thinking about. :-)

Concerning Wayne speaking thru Sawyer, I haven't got a clue, unless Kate was just hallucinating there for a second.

Paula Abdul Alhazred said...

I'm guessing the horse is real and is on the island for the same reason as the other horse we saw at the Flame. I don't think it's Smokey, and I don't think Smokey can physically transform into something else. I'm guessing the monster can make you think you're interacting with something that's not really there . . . otherwise, wouldn't somebody else have seen Jack's dad standing in the ocean, for instance? However, I do think the horse was sent by Jacob (in the same way Walt can seemingly manipulate animals), to confront Kate with her past. As for Wayne speaking through Sawyer . . . maybe Sawyer was just delusional, or maybe Jacob can speak through people or physically manipulate them somehow.

memphish said...

Like Walt to a suicidal Locke?