Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Why Shannon?

Why does Walt communicate with Shannon? It wasn't like
they were close before he left on the raft. He was much
closer to Locke and to Hurley than to Shannon. Is it
really Vincent he's trying to communicate with? And why
is it that Walt's communications which seem to be warnings
actually have the opposite effect leading Shannon first
into danger and finally to her death?


capcom said...

I give up. I have been wondering what the answers are to all of those questions. And I hope that by the end of the game, those will be some of the puzzles pieces that will be filled in very clearly.

memphish said...

Capcom, you copped out. JK. It's weird to me though that Walt would communicate with Shannon, a person who was not "in tune" with the Island or at least less "in tune" with the Island than many of the others on the beach. Just a strange pick IMHO except for the Vincent connection.

maven said...

Definitely a strange choice! Especially when there would be so many other people who might have been in-tune with what Walt was trying to warn against. Maybe it's because TPTB thought that the rest of the Losties would have a harder time believing Shannon than Locke or Sayid. That would make for a better conflict.

capcom said...

You bet I copped out on this one! :o) But I agree. Why Shannon? Why the warnings that turn out to seem to be things that they actually should do? And why is he wet? And why do his warnings kind of actually take them more into harm like you said?!

Well, I have a warning from Walt to TPTB....tell us about Walt guys, not telling us is bad! :-)

Amused2bHere said...

It seems to me that Walt may have found a kindred spirit in Shannon. They both were people that were overlooked by most, and almost never taken seriously (he's just a kid, and she's a spoiled princess). So maybe Walt figured he could appear to her (or Jacob took Walt's appearance) because she would take him seriously and believe it was really him.

good question!

memphish said...

Nice take A2BH. That was definitely the reason Walt left Vincent with Shannon. Could be why he was appearing to her as well.

memphish said...
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