Friday, October 19, 2007

Unbelievable! In honor of this being my 100th post
about LOST -- I admit it; I'm obsessed -- I'm taking
this opportunity to revisit IGN's Top 50 Lost Loose Ends.

For anyone who complains that LOST never gives us any
answers, a quick rundown of this list demonstrates the
falsity of that notion. For example, we now know who
the eye patch guy is, how to get to Falcatraz, what the
carving on Eko's stick was supposed to tell John, where
the cable on the beach went, where the radio tower is and
what it looks like, who Christian's daughter is, what
happened to the at least one person from The Pearl, that
Ben was lying when he said he'd always lived on The Island,
and how Locke ended up in the wheelchair.

But that still leaves a lot. #1 on my list is Ben's Others'
Master Plan and how their actions so far have contributed
to or distracted from that plan. Of course, about 10 of the
things on IGN's list could be combined into this such
as "What Hides the Island," and "Why do the Others Want The
Children" and "Aaron." I want to know what these
people are up to. Why can't Ben let anyone leave? What's
with this good and bad people distinction? What is the goal?
Explain it to me Ben! Pleeeaaasseee!

Of course, the end of Season 3 produced even more burning
questions both for the short-term, who's on the frieghter and
can it get to and from the Island, and long-term like what 815
survivors got off the Island and under what circumstances.

The good news is its less than 2 months until the Season 3 DVDs
hit your local retailer. I've already resolved to have all my
Christmas preparations done by December 10th so that I can
watch every little bit of the Season 3 DVDs starting at about
8:15 am on December 11th. Then after Christmas we'll only have
about 6 weeks until Season 4 starts. See, that's no so far away.

So until then keep the comments coming. I love to read them.
And thanks for checking out the ravings of this obsessed fan.


pgtbeauregard said...


Congratulations!! You've kept everyone going even when it seemed the wait would be forever. Your questions are mind probing, and fun.

Thanks for welcoming newbies to your site, and being patient when my questions or comments are totally outrageous.

Keep up the good work.

maven said...

Big congrats on your 100th post! I guess LOST will never be talked out. LOL. You've been keeping us very busy this long hiatus, and your blog "ravings" are truly appreciated.

capcom said...

Congrats on your milestone Memphish! Who thought in season 1 that we would have found and made so many friends by three years later?! Or that we would have so many obscure and varied things to talk about with each other as well. You've done a great job keeping up with everything in such an interesting way Memphish! :-)

I also like the image you used here it's one of my all time favorites, and since I used to be a "lady maintenance man" at work, Rosie was my mascot.

Ange said...

HOOARY for 100...can you make a special post for your 108th? Please, pretty please?

Know what I love the most about Lost...that someone can post about it 100 times and still have so much to say and ponder. Love your QITD and your blog in general. Keep it up and well done.

Amused2bHere said...

Yay! 100th post!

Congrats Memphish, and thanks for keeping our sanity amidst this insane hiatus. Having your dependable blog is a much needed dose of things LOST in an otherwise empty space.

Keep up the great work!