Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Will We Ever Meet The Bad Twin?

Still waiting for the Bad Twin payoff. I'm glad I got
it from the library instead of buying. Will there ever be an
actual set of twins on LOST (other than the seabilly boat)?
I'm still hoping Libby will turn out to be a twin. Maybe Kate
is pregnant with twins.

Of course, all the twin stuff could be written off as we all
have our own bad twin inside of us. The whole time I read the
book I kept thinking of Jack and Sawyer and Sawyer's statement
way back in Episode 1.7, The Moth that "The difference
between [Sawyer and Jack] ain't that big, sweetheart." And here
at the end of Season 3 we could see some of that with
the BBQ-providing, baby-complimenting Sawyer who went back to
the beach and the so myopic, especially when it comes to Juliet,
he's dangerous to the group, Jack.


Amused2bHere said...

I'd be surprised if an actual pair of twins appeared in LOST. I think the black/white, yin/yang, two sides to every person thing is what they were trying to get at.

Of course TPTB could bring actual twins into play just to mess with us!

capcom said...

Your first sentence sums up my sentiments on this. I figure that there are two possible scenarios:

1) The Bad Twin was inserted into the show and published primarily as a means of generating extra hype and rip-off revenue for ABC, TPTB, etc., and will have nothing to do whatsoever with the show.

2) The book was a teaser and thought generator for viewers, and some kind of twin situation will eventually turn up on the show in a very interesting way.

I hope that it's #2, because it was not that great of a story, especially standing on it's own as just a work of fiction, with no literal connection to the show. :-p

takes a village said...

Thanks;I never thought of the Library.That's where I've gotten all the other books.
I will be checking it out, if you catch my drift.