Monday, October 01, 2007

Was Libby Scared of the Others or
Something Else?

Libby and Michael are foraging in the jungle and Libby
remarks that Michael and his friends were scared when they
were in Ana Lucia's pit. She says:

I don't think I've ever seen someone so scared in my
life. And I know about scared.

Is this merely a reference to the past 40+ days on the
Island or to something else? Any non-spoiled ideas?


capcom said...

Hmmmmmm, interesting thought.

Maybe when she signed up for work at Hanso, Widmore, and Paik, Inc., she got into more than she intended like Juliet did? Maybe they gave her an offer she couldn't refuse, she gulped the kool-aid, signed on the dotted line, and hoped for the best. Then when she didn't like what she saw there (involving her hubby too perhaps?) she tried to leave too, and she got threatened. Maybe they threatened her and her husband, and they killed him. That might be when she went into the sanitarium, after trying to get help from authorities from H,W,&P, (saying that they killed her husband and were going to kill her) and they thought that she was crazy and threw her in the nuthatch.

No spoilers in there, I swear. :o)

pgtbeauregard said...


That is a great theory concerning Libby. Hopefully TPTB will clear up her background info this season.

Her unanswered questions list is a mile long. I don't think she was in the facility to watch Hurley.

Welcome home Memphish!!

maven said...

There are any number of things that could have scared Libby in the past. Hopefully, her blanks will be filled in eventually! I think Capcom is on the right track with her. She might have gotten in over her head with Paik/Widmore and freaked out when her husband died. Being at Santa Rosa probably was pretty scary (unless she didn't realize what was going on. The shot we got of her there looked like she was pretty spaced out).

Jay said...

Maybe she was on a deck that collapsed and killed a couple people. That would be like really scary, dude. :)

But seriously, I think Libby was stalking Hurley for some reason. It could be because she knew him from the asylum and wanted his money. But follow this train of thought.

1) Libby was hired by Naomi's people to help them find the island. They thought Leonard might know where the island was since he knew the Numbers so they sent her there to investigate.

2) After Hurley got out and he won the lottery with the Numbers, they sent her to follow him to see if he found something out.

3) She followed him to Australia to see if he had a secret down there and was following him home on Flight 815

4) Once on the island, her relationship could have been genuine or an attempt to get either money or info from him once they (hopefully) got rescued by Naomi's group.

The scared could be, as Capcom said, the group - ruthless, insidious, deadly. Maybe it something where once you join, you can never leave. :)

memphish said...

Jay, I agree with those ideas about Libby's presence in Santa Rosa and in Australia with her knowledge of Hurley being linked to an attempt to find the Island. And the idea that Widmore/Paik/whoever is a roach motel -- you check in, but you never check out is a good one too. I can't wait to find out these Libby answers, but I probably ought to can the speculation so I don't get disappointed when TPTB don't think the same way I do. :-)

capcom said...

I also love the idea of Libby trailing Hurley, for WidPaik or whomever. That would be great. Did TPTB specifically say that the 'actress' would be back, or that we will be seeing more of 'Libby', exactly? Maybe Libby is a twin and her bad twin is on the boat?!

I haven't decided if I will be dissapointed if TPTB do things the way I guess it, or not the way I guess it. :o) I suppose it depends on how much I'm in love with a given theory.

memphish said...

I'd love a twin. Where is the bad twin? There has to be a twin somewhere right? Other than the boat that took Walt.

pgtbeauregard said...

The one thing about Libby is this: she lied to Hurley about him stepping on her foot getting on the plane. She said he was wearing headphones, but in his flashbacks, he didn't put on the headset until he got to his seat.

Is this just a writer error?