Monday, October 22, 2007

How Did A Nigerian Drug Plane End
Up On A South Pacific Island?

A Catholic Relief plane takes off in Nigeria on the Western Coast
of Africa

and crashes on an island that should be in the Pacific Ocean
somewhere east of Fiji if the pilot is to be believed.

How does this happen? And when?

Gold Tooth parachuted out of the plane.

This would imply that he was alive when the plane began to crash,
and note it did not run out of fuel because Eko uses fuel from the
fuel line to burn the plane.

Locke tells Boone the corpses could have been there 2 years or 10
judging from the clothing. It's hard to say from Eko's flashbacks
how much time passed from Nigeria to Flight 815, but at least
enough time passed for him to get from Nigeria to England and then
to Australia.

So, magic box effect? Did the Island know 2 or more years before
September 2004 that Eko would land on it? Or Charlie? Or Boone?
Or Locke? Ben and Juliet don't seem surprised by its presence in
Expose, but they could be used to things appearing
on the Island and take such "strange" things for granted.

Whatever happened to bring this plane to the Island, it seems
to be qualitatively different from Cooper's appearance. We know
from Cooper himself that he did not arrive on Island until after
Flight 815 crashed. So any ideas?


Amused2bHere said...

Eko needed the plane for his internal journey. Perhaps the "magic box" reached into the past and grabbed Yemi's plane to crash it for Eko's future use.

Yeah, temporal mechanics give me a headache too.

Good question, though. We just need to remember that time does not work the same on the island that it does out here.

capcom said...

There is always the very far fetched, stretching logic like taffy possiblilty, that the island itself can move around, in and out of time and/or space. That would actually be pretty groovy, although I doubt that TPTB would do that.

But it would be funny if all this time we've been wondering how people and things get to the island, and all along it was the island doing the moving around! :o)

Not to say that it does it all the time at random, but like maybe when something would go wrong with the Swan counter, etc. Or a sort of a global type of collateral damage whenever the DIs used the "apparatus". Maybe that's how Henry Gale got there too.

maven said...

Memphish: You always seem to ask the questions that we've all been pondering. We can only hope that we'll get some definitive answers in the coming seasons. The problem with the physicality of the Nigerian plane being on a South Pacific island doesn't make much sense with the info we currently have.

Amused said: We just need to remember that time does not work the same on the island that it does out here.
Maybe distance also does not work the same on the island that it does out here!

memphish said...

Amused and Maven, you've both hit on an idea I've been toying with as I read The Wastelands by Stephen King. It's the 3rd Dark Tower book. In that book as the worlds age distance also expands. I haven't quite gotten all my ideas together but I think whatever brought this plane to the Island had to mess with distance whether the Island moved then or it has moved now or it went through a wormhole or it tesseracted. This is something I very much hope we get an answer to before the end of the series, but I'm willing to wait until the end to find out.

capcom said...

Yes Memphish, I really think that TPTB have some explaning to do about how all these people and vehicles have gotten to the island. I can accept a tsunami for the Black Rock, but for the balloon, the drug plane, etc., I hope that they say SOMEthing.

Amused2bHere said...

Yeah, we've been promised that there is a pseudo scientific explanation, some theory that holds the LOST universe together...if there isn't, then it becomes more of a Twin Peaks story where things make sense but only up to a point and then reality takes a sharp turn and becomes completely screwed.

Damelton Cuselof will have to enter the witness protection program if that is the case, you know.

capcom said...

You're right Amused, the Twin Peaks reference is perfect.