Thursday, October 25, 2007

Who Was Sarah Seeing?

I know we'll probably never get this answer and I'm pretty
sure it's because amazingly for the LOST-iverse, the person
she's seeing has had no crosses with any of Flight 815's
passengers. This is one of those things I was really hoping
would be important because it was a cross, but the real
significance was that Jack had to let it go. So much for all
the fun theories about who Sarah's mystery man was.


capcom said...

Yes, I tend to agree with this, although I wish that there would be more to it as well. Maybe the way TPTB have her telling Jack that it doesn't matter who it is, is their way of telling us that it doesn't matter who it is, to save us some brain cells. :-)

Ange said...

My personal favorite continues to be Christian Shepard...but alas we may never know.

I agree with capcom too and wish that the writers would tell us not to worry about certain things that we as fans obsess over. We probably wouldn't believe them anyway even if they did ;).

Amused2bHere said...

Maybe that's who's in the coffin!


andrew. said...

now see, i figured we'd get back to Sarah and her philandering ways and a proper introduction to her mysterious beau.
During the flashforward, when i still assumed it was a flashback, i figured Jack was still dealing with being cuckolded, so obviously i didn't get the memo from the powers that be that i should stop focusing on the other man.

since we will presumably get more flash*backs* from Jack, there's still room for a real Lost connection.