Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Boy I Wish Sayid Had Gotten A Crack At Questioning Juliet!

What a great episode One of Us is! Elizabeth Mitchell does a fantastic job of going from "mousy" Juliet to "kick ass out-bluff Sawyer and Sayid" Juliet and on to "totally play that dumb sap Jack" Juliet. But man oh man I wish Sayid had a chance to ask her at least a few questions. I want answers! And some bamboo under her fingernails wouldn't bother me either.


pgtbeauregard said...

Now, Memphish, tell us how you really feel about Jules.

She has been my favorite "other" ever since we met her. She's really evil and good.

I bet Sayid could get the truth out of her in a Bagdad second. She is so good at mind games, and manipulation - she's on a par with Ben.

Yessifer said...

I think she can take it. She might even turn the tables on Sayid and make him cry or something. Sayid is a bad ass yes, but Juliet will know how to get into his head.

Capcom said...

Yeah, I think that Juliet took the "LRH" tactic of attacking and shocking your "SPs" before they get a chance to think, heheh...if you know what I mean. But yeah, I'm surprised that TPTB yet again gave Sayid another moment of speechlessness when attacked by an Other. But somehow it was a sweet moment when a girl shut them up for whatever reason. :-)