Friday, January 25, 2008

Why Does The Staff Have A Secret Room?

Not only is there a secret room, but it's protected by blast door like we saw in The Swan. Was this a safe room for hiding from Hostiles? Did DI members in fact hide there during the Purge? Is it part of a food drop protocol for The Staff?

And why would the Others use it for dying mothers? So that the other women wouldn't see the horror of it and fail to volunteer?

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Capcom said...

I read a pretty good theory about this before the game started, but I can't remember where, or who wrote it, or exactly what they said about it. As far as we know yet though, we don't know that every underground station didn't have such a vaulted room attached to it for such occasions where their experiments, or the natives, might have caused the DIs to duck and cover.