Monday, January 21, 2008

Will Clementine Grow Up To Blow Up Sawyer?

Is this bit of dialogue foreshadowing of Sawyer's possible post-Island future?

Cassidy: What makes a girl that went to Sunday School scared of the cops?
Kate: A few months ago I killed my stepfather and I escaped from the marshal who arrested me for it.
Cassidy: Why?
Kate: Because he was a bad guy.
. . .
Kate: What, you want to help me?
Cassidy: Absolutely.
Kate: Why?
Cassidy: I fell in love with the wrong guy. And then I gave him my life savings. He conned me, and embarrassed me. He was a bad guy.

On a more serious note, I wonder if Cassidy will see Kate's "rescue" from the Island and contact her? That could lead to some interesting girl talk.

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Capcom said...

I wonder if we will ever see Clementine again?