Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Kate, Juliet and Smokey

So what is up with Smokey and the ladies? Did they do something to trigger his presence as they trekked back to Othersville? You can hear a CV (Cerberus Vent) open during that first encounter. Did Ben or Jacob send Smokey out to bolster Juliet's con on Kate that they are in it together? Or can Ben's group really not control Smokey?

The second time around, is Smokey coming for Juliet or for Kate? And can he see through mud?


Yessifer said...

This has always bothered me. Who was Smokey going after? Kate or Juliet? What alerted him to their position? Why did he flash Juliet? Why did he come back for them a second time? While watching the episode I was certain that Ben sent Smokey so that Kate would believe Juliet. But then they meet up with him again and this time Juliet looked a little scared, and goes through the fence to save herself. I am not sure if they can control it, but they have to know more about it.

andrew. said...

i kind of believe Juliet when she says that the Others don't control smokey. Smokey blew Juliet's story to Kate when she unlocked the handcuff and turned on the fence, so i don't think it would have been a good ploy by Ben & co.

the vent thing is interesting, because it definitely implies that the smoke monster is at least partly technology based and not just an island ghosty.

Capcom said...

If Smokey was not just after whatever humans that he happened to catch in the jungle, and he caught those two, it is an interesting thought that he might have been targeting one or the other of the women. Nice thought, that hadn't even occured to me. :-)