Thursday, January 17, 2008

If We Got All of Season 4 Would We Learn The Identity of The Cobra?

If you had followed the show Expose in Season 4 you would have learned Mr. LaShade played by Billy Dee Williams was discovered by Corvette to be The Cobra just before he killed her. Hurley tells everyone and no one in particular that:

Dude, the Cobra's this big bad guy. His identity's been shrouded in mystery for 4 seasons.

LOST has played for 3 seasons with this entire concept of who's good and who's bad. So far no true "big bad guy" has emerged other than arguably Ben. So if we were to get all of Season 4 would we like Expose fans (though not the characters in the show) discover the true identity of LOST's own Cobra?


Lost 2010 said...

There's Jacob I guess. Not necessarily a big bad guy, but definitely shrouded in mystery.

Capcom said...

I hope that we get some idea of who or what this bloody Jacob dude is. If all we get is fighting and shooting and running in S4, I will be disappointed. I need some substance about right now.