Thursday, January 24, 2008

Who Shrunk Jack's Tent?

This is a clear case of trying to figure out what's canon and what's not. In the S3 deleted scene where Claire finds Nikki and Paolo in flagrante delicto Jack's tent is at least a 2 person wide tent with sides and a front flap for full privacy. Now that Jack's back on the beach, it seems to be a much, much smaller and less private. I guess it shrank from the rain?


Lost 2010 said...

See, I'm even more confused than that.

Jack had a tent until he went to the caves. And Sawyer took over Jack's tent at that point (or at least he plopped his stuff down in it and told Jack he was). Then Jack lived in the caves right up until they found the hatch. And once they found it, Jack didn't stray too far from the hatch. The Swan didn't blow up until after Jack left with Michael, Sawyer, Kate, and Hurley.

So I didn't even realize Jack had a tent for Nikki and Paolo to desecrate.

memphish said...

I agree LOST 2010. These are really the most important questions about LOST. Where is Jack sleeping? Why is his tent changing shape and size and location? Why does Kate's tent keep getting bigger? Why does Sawyer's tent's orientation keep changing? Why did Juliet get so much space? What happened to Libby and Ana's tents? ;D

Lost 2010 said...

Well, I'm crap at finding secret messages but I keep pretty decent track of where Jack is sleeping.;)

Sawyer too come to think of it.


Capcom said...

The only explanation that I can think of that TPTB can give to this bad continuity is that the Losties had to keep reconfiguring their tents according to the island weather, winds, the sun, night time "visitors" (in the case of Kate and Sawyer), etc. :o)

Since Jack is the leader, perhaps he has to have HQs on the beach and in the caves.