Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Is This The Face of Rousseau's Sickness?

Did the Others somehow implant Rousseau's team perhaps with a plan to create a crisis they could solve as a way to integrate those intruders into Island culture only to lead to the unintended consequence of Rousseau wigging out and killing the team before the Others could get to them? Claire was lucky Rousseau wasn't lurking around the Beach Camp the night Jack returned. After all in the case of infection, "you know what must be done."


maven said...

You're probably right. This would be another example of the master manipulator at work, wouldn't it?

Paula Abdul Alhazred said...

I like this idea a lot. It would make sense. I definitely think that if Rousseau is telling the truth, Claire's illness from the implant is almost certainly the so-called sickness. This would also explain why the DHARMA vaccine cured Claire's symptoms.

Capcom said...

Sure, I can believe this. Either the Others snuck up at night and implanted them, or they shot them with some kind of implant gun which could have just felt like a bad island bugbite. If the sci-team figured it out, maybe they tried to cut off their arms, to remove the implant. But that would be too much like the X-Files. Poor Krycek. :-(